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Guy seems to have a good match-up against Zangief. Standing fierce is a great ground poke against him and standing roundhouse anti-airs him nearly for free. Elbow Drop also seems to beat lariat if placed correctly, but don’t quote me on that. Against the obnoxious cross-up game, EX hurricane can stop it cold if timed correctly. A safer bet, however, is probably EX Run; it puts you back at distance and absorbs whatever he tries to cross you up with.

The Chun-Li match-up is a little annoying but winnable. If you can score a knockdown and carry her to the corner, using Run-Stop shenanigans to bait EX Bird Kick ultimately gives you a serious advantage. Guy is a beast once he gets you into the corner.

So far I haven’t found any truly problematic match-ups playing as Guy. Projectile characters can sometimes make it difficult to close in if the player knows how to anti-air; this is where “demon flip” and Elbow Drop can come in handy to alter your already different jumping trajectory. Effective use of his command air throw can keep them honest in terms of a counter-offensive.

T hawk is a major problem for guy. tips on this?

i played guy for 2 hours today at the local gamestop against some friends and he is dirty in the corner. Hes also very good at getting you to the corner when you end combos with the spinning elbow.

against characters with a DP type move: bait out the DPs with run>stop, izuna flip > stop short w/ elbow, or forward jump > elbow. The punish is depending on how far away you are when you bait it out, good way to set up a combo if close enough, or just MP/FP hozanto.

Juri: only her LK pinwheel is safe. i think you can punish with MP>FP target combo. Also if she is very dive kick happy, Izuna flip/throw the crap outta her, do it twice and its a healthy 40-50% chunk.

Crouching characters will not get thrown with izuna drop.

Horizontal Condor spire move can be focus’ed fairly easily. The diving one will crush a focus attack, so if he dives, block, and punish. air to air was pretty hard to match up against, so i dont jump around too much from my few matches i’ve had.

as i’ve said with DP type moves, it can be in your benefit to bait them out. Neutral jump > elbow drop or run > stop early, then punish.

unfortunantly the life difference is so high it sucks u gotta work alot harder than him getting 4 grabs and killing you :frowning:

You can punish diving attack , w/ Ex. Hozanto, too !

If the t.hawk player is telegraphing hawk dives you can air throw him out of it too.

So, I played some matches against Cammy today. Was my first time with Guy so I couldn’t win even once at first, but as soon as I understood how he works in iv, I actually tied up the score.

Basically you gotta play the MU really slow, both characters has problems getting into each other and whoever gets corner trapped will probably lose. Get the life advantage and keep her out with Roundhouse/Fierce and Ex Senpukyaku. Jump back -> air throw is good to build meter, just take care so you don’t accidentally triangle jump into DP. Don’t rush her without meter if she has meter for DP FADC, you can’t play footsies without Ex Senpu.

Cammy: Can molest a meterless Guy with dive kicks/c.shorts/throw/spiral OS/DP FADC, doesn’t need meter for her own defense. It’s very hard to jump on her, even if you change your trajectory with Elbow drop, her DP won’t whiff because it has retarded range.

Guy: Can play runaway much better, it’s hard for Cammy to pursue him because of his triangle jump. Also deals more damage and has some very good pokes to keep her out (roundhouse makes Cammy stfu).

Annoying matchup, but probably balanced.

Just found out today that you can punish Cody’s criminal upper with ex hozantou.

You might as well save your meter when blocking T.Hawks Condor Dive, it would be a waste to just punish with the ex hozanto when if you watch the vids with combofiend vs mike ross. COmbo was able to punish with the target combo into watever.

Also a neutral jump elbow on wake up seems to avoid his anti-air because of the angle it comes at. Crossing up looked more dangerous than jus jumping straight up.

I played one last night and you can attempt to keep him out with and, but trades are in his favor and up close pressure is really risky.

I ran away the entire match. He has a really hard time catching Guy and I would use run->overhead kick from max distance to pressure/chip and then backdash immediately after. I just kept running and eventually, he would get intent on getting in no matter the cost, which is where I would target combo->Super.

I think it’s a hard fight so far. Running/turtling was the only way to stay on the positive side of the damage equation for me (thus far).

Blanka slide can be punished with run slide. Ex air throw beats Air blanka ball,regular air throw won’t. Regular cr.rh slide beats electricity.

You can punish juri’s pinwheel with

How does Guy go about fighting blanka tho? it seems like its going to be troublesome for me lol

more blanka. beats all versions of blanka ball CLEAN, so does lk tatsu. But for ex blanka ball, ex tatsu beats it Cleaner. Super punishes blanka ball in the corner but only 5 hits will connect. Ultra 2 will also connect after a dash in in the corner to punish blanka balls. Ultra 2 punishes blanka slide.

Focus attack punish


ALL BLOCKED LEVEL 1 FOCUS ATTACKS IS PUNISHABLE BY A DASH IN-ULTRA 2 GARANTEED. The timing is kinda strict. But once you get a hang of it its golden.

WHat about lvl 2… probably more character specific but hav u tested that?

yea. should have said it before. Blocked Level 2 wont connect. There’s too much block stun.

We all agreed to call this thread “Profound Sadness” yo. :lol:

For Cody you can punish Ruffian kicks with target combo to hozanto or target combo to run slide. Not sure about lk ruffian kick cause my friend would mainly use the mk and hk version. If i’m not mistaken you can also do the same for criminal upper from when I was playing. I wasn’t able to punish the lp version but the mp and hp version I was able to. Cody seems to have trouble stopping Guy’s elbow drop too if spaced correctly. Criminal uppers will whiff on Guy. I’ve only seen Cody hit me out of my elbow drop from time to time with his back mp.

Also played a Guy mirror match for a small bit. For some reason if Guy tries to hit you out of your elbow drop with ex-hurricane kick it’ll whiff on Guy. Just one thing that really caught my attention.

Makoto doesn’t really have good options for stopping Guy’s elbow other than using her dp if she times it right. You can punish her mp and hp hayate with target into hozanto or run slide. Standing mk was good for me to use to keep her off of me when she got in.