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I have been reading some of your post and I am verry impresed how much you know abought pcb’s.In fact I just regestered because you seen to be the man.Me and my son built a stick for the snes whith happ parts that we got on a pelican xbox arcade stick.Only because we could not get it to work for a 360.It was my son idea to do this so we can play mario on it.Now we are trying to hook up a sega genissis six button whith it.The pcb map we got from slag coin has a red circal for the comon ground that gos nowwhere?Where do we soder the ground to?Can we just wire it up on the same jotstick and the same buttons that the snes is soderd to?We realy dont want to wire the pcb’s together.I have a verry good library of snes and genissis but not doubles of the games for both.HELP!!
thanx douglas

If the controller is a common ground then you can solder your ground to any ground from any button. If there is no open contact then you may need to scrape away some of the PCB to expose the copper trace. Just dont scrape too much as to go through the trace. More info on this can be found by searching around the site. Or you can also scan or take a good picture of the PCB and someone should be able to help you out.

As for wiring up two PCBs in one stick, there are already some guides on how to do that floating around the site, search and you will find one.

One final option is going with a custom PCB like Toodles UPCB. It works for multiple systems. I use my stick with a UPCB for the computer, PS/PS2, SNES, and NES. This route take a little more experience, though if you have the tools it shouldnt be that hard.

Basically everything you want to know is already floating around the site. The search function is a powerful thing. Although I guess it helps to know that a thread on the subject does exist before you spend time looking for it.

thanx for the help!!

If you are not going to use the triggers on a gamestop 360 controller for a 360 stick do you have to still soder in the resistors?

Do the triggers on fight stick mod do anything anyway?

is there anyone that makes these gamestop joysticks that do not soder in the triggers?

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