I went ahead and cleaned the SNES Controller out to make sure it wasn’t any dirt effecting the d-pad but the d-pad is losing its clickyness its really soft and loose, Does anyone have idea why and how to fix it?

really, yours is clicky? mine was always spongy. what did you clean it with?

Well it was never super clicky but it wasn’t super spongy

Gotca. I will have to wait like you to see what others say aswell. I have ideas but they are not great so i rather see if someone else can nail your answer for you sir. sorry. I am curious too. i will crack mine open when i get home to see and verify my thoughts

Why not just say your thoughts and i can verify them ._.

The rubber pad is just old and worn out. Trying to fix them is like trying to fix bald tires. Replace them or the entire pad.
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I just need the d-pad one, Cause i mean for that price, I can just buy another controller

you can always do a full fledge mod and put tactile switches instead of replacing the rubber part.

they sit at about the same height and you’ll having nothing but a sweet ‘CLICK’ everything you press the dpad. :tup:

hmmmm. i’m going to go see if i can find an old snes pad now.

Yea don’t think ill put that much time into these controllers, Ill either buy the replacements or buy new