SNES/Genesis RGB Video

Is it possible to make a RGB Cable to hook up to Component in…Just spilting a Scart Cable to add the 5 RCA plugs

You can but it would be RGB out and Audio out.
So the device should support RGB through RCA connectors.

You can not make a cable like that just by splitting when
you want component video out and audio out.

You would need something like this:

RGB to Component (YUV) Video Converter

This is what I use and it works very well.

Here’s a great article that explains how to do it:

How did you realized an audio pass through?

I have a model 1 genesis with sega-cd, so I use the headphone jack on the front of the genesis or I use the RCA outputs on the back of the sega cd.

I didn’t realize that sound went through the A/V cable with model 2s.


Hey guys, I have a Sony Trinitron 25" RGB monitor. I want to build RGB cables for both my genesis 1 and 2 systems. I can’t find any tutorials for how to do this, does anyone have any links? Or I would just buy them. Do you think SCART cables I can find will connect to this monitor?

I’m not a huge videophile so I am not sure if SCART=RGB 100%…isn’t it a few pins or sync rate different or something? Thanks guys. :tup:

Sounds like some people are confusing Scart (ie RGB) with component (sometimes also considered RGB, but not true RGB). The two are totally different.

Without going to much into it, here is a wiki page that better explains it.

So in other words, you can’t just do a simple RGB to component conversion, there is signal processing that needs to be done.

SCART is a type of connector so it can carry various signals but not at the same time.
For example a television could support component signals trough a SCART connector.

A set of RCA connectors is also a type of connector that can carry various signals but not at the same time.
For example a television could support RGB signals trough the RCA connectors.

A video-game console that does that for example is the Sony PlayStation 2.

The Sony Trinitron monitor is probably on a 31 KHz synchronization signal.
The video-game consoles are on 15 KHz synchronization signal.
You can not connect those consoles directly
unless they support a non-interlaced signal mostly called progressive scan.
You might be lucky and the monitor is multi-sync that
takes the 15 KHz synchronization signal but not all of them do that.

I use a Micomsoft XRGB-2 plus myself to make it possible.
I did get mine as a present and do not know where to get those.
I did not encounter a lot of other up-scan converters that supports RGB.
There is also a Micomsoft XRGB-3 however they seem to be rare also.

A few articles:

Random blur:
I wish they would make progressive scan through RGB a standard.