SNES/NES > PC Dual PC Converter?


What is the best SNES and NES Dual Converter Adapters for a reasonable price and where should i order them from?


Try this one. - Product Information

Warning. I have not tested this. The reviews on this site look ok.


Brian from RetroZone makes really nice USB converters. I have a pair of NES and SNES. They aren’t the cheapest though.



Kyle, Looking for dual converters but thanks for the nes one, Snes one absolutely has to be dual.

ID01, Is it a dual snes adapter?


The Mayflash is dual. Here’s a cynical review from Amazon that plugs the RetroZone and claims the Mayflash lags with 2 player. I generally like Mayflash products. You may do some digging. David M. Johnson “Septa”'s review of SNES Controller Adapter for PC USB


No it is just SNES, I don’t think there is a dual.


Im only looking to use this for NES and SNES Emulator’s im not looking for all around controller, Also is it very minimal lag? Because if it’s minimal im not going to worry about it buying two is alot of money when the regular controllers i can get for 3.78 and slice them with a USB Cable for free, so im just looking for a decent dual converter for me and a friend or my brother to just casually play older games on with a better feel

Yea i found out it is the Dual SFC Is by mayflash and is only a dual converter.


No one with better experience?