SNES ScoreMaster

after playing sf2 turbo via emulator on my xbox1, i decided to check the difference to the real thing, so i dusted my SNES, put in sf2 turo, and plugged in my scoremaster.

Is it me or is my Scoemaster seriously f’d up.

the stick is proper stiff, it wasactually tiring, not kidding, i had to proper give it some. it was difficult to pull off jump forward fierce into jab dragon punch, or any combo consistently, and what is in this thing, theres no clicking of the stick, but i dont think its optical and the movements are short and restricted compared to the tournament editions.
i wouldnt be surprised if its a piece of plastic stuck on top of a dpad.

im thinking of gutting it in the future and gettin some1 to put the pcb in a tornament edition.

should i do this, or have these sticks got any value?

dont bother sell the stick as a whole and buy a MC cthulu which has snes support and itll be much easier to wire. Good luck pm me if you need any help.

it could have leaf switches and a very old stiffened rubber joystick boots.

thanks for the response guys, i think ill keep it and go another way.

in the next year or two i did plan to eventually swap the pcb’s on 4 tournament editions, 2 with PSone dualshocks (for ps1/2 & xbox1) & 2 with snes. but i will cancel the snes part.

im aware that theres a mcthulu rj45 mod that can be done, but i cant do it, an theres no one i know local that can do it for me.

@ hakdizzle, im planning on buyin a solder iron to learn solderin, will be practicin on an old stick, its a hori tekken 4 rip off.
do you know of ahow to guide for idiots/noobs for removing the original pcb from the tournament edition, and replacing with a PSone pcb??

ive checked on these forums, but the guides are for intermediate advanced people.