SNES to PS1/PS2 controller or adapter

I was looking for an adapter which would allow you to use your SNES pad on the ps2? does this exist?

or is there their a controller which was made with SNES pad design but plays on the ps2?

looked but couldn’t find anything :shake:

Are you going to use it for fighters. .

Is it even possible to build a adapter to play your SNES Controllers on the PS2

I know there is a SNES to Gamecube adapter, but I do not think there is a Gamecube to PS2, so it would be a dead end.

You probably have to make something yourself.

You have to cut off the control chip(s) from the SHVC-005 / SNS-005.
Keep the legs as long as possible.

Wire that to a PlayStation (1) controller Printed Circuit Board
like they do with the custom joy sticks.

Picture comes from here:

I swear I have seen these things at tournaments.

Use a snes to gamecube adapter then a gamecube to ps2 adapter?

Might lag, but both of these exist.