SNES to PS2 Adapter. Does it exist?

I got this really great old SNES arcade stick off of Ebay, but there’s one small problem. As the whole thing is glued together, I can’t just get in there and replace the electronics without sawing into the bottom, and possibly making a huge mess of it.

Are there instructions out there anywhere to make an SNES-PS2 convertor? I can find premade SNES-USB adapters, and I even found PS2-SNES, but nobody seems to make what I’d need to use this on my newer games.

It’s just like this one here:

I found a really great thread back from 1992 about this joystick brand. Hilarious.

hahaha oh shit they were talking about custom sticks back in the day too…

What stick does that thing use? It probably uses Happ Ultimate buttons.

Probably uses a Happ Super. Might be using a cheap knock off since few people would have known the difference back in then.

To the OP: I would just gut it and rewire it for PS2. Unless you actually plan on playing SNES fighters.

It feels like a Super to me. It looks like I probably will have to saw it open to do the rewiring. Hopefully I’ll only have to mess up the bottom.


Crazy stick. :open_mouth:

So there’s no way of opening up the stick if something fails? That’s pretty messed up considering the stick cost 125.00 back in the day.

I bought a X-arcade PCB for PlayStation 2 . I make custom my own box for two players

I bought PS2 to SNES converter from Totem. I can’t find it address. Later I looking to find it.

I play this so awesome!