Hey guys, my uncle dug up some old SNES joysticks and i’m wondering if it’s possible at all to buy like some sort of converter so that it would work on the PS3. Something like this?

If anyone knows how abouts i’d go at this would be great.


You can make your own converter using a Cthulhu and FGWidget converter by Toodles.

However, that’s just my taste to DIY. You can check out Converter Compatibility Thread for all the scoop on the converters out there.

Thank you so much Nerrage. I’ll check the thread out and see if anything pops up :slight_smile:

Ive been browsing and came up with this, do you think if I get the Snex>PS converter then convert PS>PS3 will work? Because iv’e already got an adapter for PS1/2 > PS3.

Back-to-Back converter methods have usually been worked pretty well with good-quality converters, and the Keio for Sega Saturn > PS2 was definitely used a lot to convert the amazing Sega Saturn pads to other consoles. However, you need to make sure you keep high-quality on the PS2 > PS3 converter, such as the inPin. The notorious problem about going back-to-back is that it can cause some lag.

Sweet. Well good to know they’re reliable company. Thank you so much Nerrage, youve helped tons!

There’s also who makes SNES to USB converters. They’re swell.

Sweet, thanks for the input Kyle.