SNES to XBox

Does anyone know if this config would work:

Adaptor for SNES controller to USB plus
Adaptor for USB to XBox

I can play Street Fighter 2 Turbo on the SNES very well, whenever I want a dragon punch, I can do it - similar for other moves. Used to kick ass in arcade too.

Ready to give up on SF because the knew controllers don’t agree with me.
XBox S-controller: Can’t always do moves correctly and hurts my hand.
Nubytech controller: digital cross pad is too sloppy; Can’t always do moves.

If anyone knows of a way to get SNES controller to work with XBox, then let me know. The above config is the only way I can find by searching the web, but I don’t want to waste the money on those adapters if it won’t work.

Any other suggestions are welcome!