SNES9x question (Load straight from the rom)

So I’m moving, and my girlfriends boss’s mother (Coolest 72 year old you’ll ever meet) gave me her SNES and all her games as a moving away present/helping with all her computer troubles. To thank her, I’m going to put SNES9x on her computer with all the games she gave me, and I ordered her a SNES usb controller. Problem is, she’s very computer illiterate, so opening the emulator, clicking load rom, and finding what she wants to play will be lost on her.

Is there a way I can set it up so double-clicking the ROM will automatically start it? I’m going to make a custom icon for each one so she doesn’t have to try to read the file names. Thanks in advance!

My laptop just crapped out on me so I can’t test it… but can’t you just go into properties on the roms and assign for snes9x to auto-open them? If that doesn’t work if you look around, I forget what they are called, but there are roms with emulators built in. So you don’t need anything to run them, they run themselves. You could make a collection of those.

You can also look into some front-enders see if you can simplify the process

I tried to assign the rom to always open with SNES9x but it gives me an error everytime.

I figured it out! Nevermind peoples. This thread can be closed. :smiley:

Not me, but what if someone else needs the same you did?
They would find this Thread and not know what you did, or the problem you had.

It is so weird some people do this.
Person makes a Thread for asking help.
Person then figures out, but does not say what did.

Sorry. It’s late, I’m tired.

Muffman’s answer was the correct answer. It just wasn’t working the first time I tried it because I had the files hidden. I had no idea that would matter. Just changing the open-with settings to open that file type with SNES9x worked.

If you got a good answer from jdm, then you should like his post.

Forgot about this! Doh! This would be the best option, but takes the most work. I haven’t set one up, but downloaded one already set up. It’s the tits, frontends can give you a nice and simple gui, organize your games, and when you highlight a game it can do cool stuff like show pics and vids of the games highlighted to help rejog your memory as to what game it is, or help you decide what mood you are in.

these are so much easier…my wife loves the snes ps2 and nes emulators but explaining smc files to nes files to her is hopeless ,on that note i recently got a capcom emu that plays third strike perfectly, im really not sure if said emu posting is allowed here so if your interested pm me …

Talking about emus is fine, talking about roms is fine. Posting sities to emus is fine. Posting sites to home brew roms is fine
it is copyrighted roms that you can post here.

But there always google.