SNIKT!: Wolverine Combo, Reset, and Opener Thread



I’m having trouble landing S after fatal claw for the l, m, h, s j.m j.m j.h xx drill claw xx drop kick land h, xx drill claw xx fatal claw

Is timing or delaying certain hits a factor?


Do the h as soon as u land and the timing is weird I usually hit s right before I see him land


Weird as it sounds, I’m having trouble hitting the wesker gunshot otg after basic bnb. Any idea why it would be consistently late? Ooddly enough I tried adding in the jL between the jMM and jHS, which I always thought was dumb and pointless. But low and behold, the gunshot started hitting more! Please tell me this was coincidence… or does the jMMLHS actually make this work somehow?


Ya thatt helps and u also do more damage because ur in the air longer which is why I always delay the jump a tiny bit after the second S it works eveerytime also u could hit it w/o dely but its fells 1-2frame


You can just need to hit the S as late as possible in the jump. You can usually slightly delay the relaunch series so that you are a little bit higher before you do MMLHS or MMHS or whatever you want, but you generally need to be coming down already when you press the S.

If you’re below them when you press S it will also help because you are back to the ground sooner giving you a longer period of time to hit the assist during the hard knockdown.

What team are you running btw?


I was really only messing w/ the team to see if I liked it, as I haven’t really played Wolvie since vanilla. But its Wolve Wesker Hawkeye. I did try delaying the air combo at first, but found it made the final S whiff often (this is post divekick ground bounce, etc). it was just weird. Im not a top player or anything, but have been around the block enough to be embarrassed to ask “how do I get the gunshot to hit?” lol Maybe the delay should just come after the jump rather than during the air chain.


First of all, AMAZING thread. I’ve been using Wolvie for a while, but just casually and I’m looking to expand with him. This combo looks amazing. The only trouble I have with it is making the j:h: connect after the first drill claw. My combo seems to just stop there and the j:h: won’t be anywhere near the opponent. I’ve tried different timing, holding forward, etc. Any tips?


are you playing umvc3, or vanilla? this combo still works in ultimate, but not on every character. he has better corner combos.


What are Logan’s best combos, BNB, corner, etc, now? This topic seems really out of date and I feel like everyone gets Wolverine but me lol


it depends if he’s already used an assist or not to get in.


When do you use MMHS and when do you use MMLHS? I can’t tell the difference :frowning:


MMHS first, MMLHS second, unless you want more meter/more hits in your combo, then do MMLHS both times. It delays the final S so you have more time to otg with an assist call/wolvy slide. There isn’t a significant difference in damage between the two anyway.


If you’re going for damage MMH(S) on both air series does more damage. If you’re going for meter, MMLH(S) is more meter. If you want more hits (e.g. if you’re leveling up Frank West off of a TAC) you want MMLHS since it’s more hits. As MrBGuy mentioned, doing MMLHS delays the air series a bit and gives you longer to hit the slide + assist OTG. However, you can hit most slide + assist OTGs by simply starting the MMHS air series a bit later than usual so it’s a choice between easier execution (MMLHS) and slightly higher damage (MMHS).

If you’re in xfactor MMLH(S) on both air series is more damage and more meter since xfactor caps the damage scaling. As a general rule, when you’re in xfactor you can throw out all the lights you want and your combo will do more damage.

If you really want to maximize hits to level Frank, Noel does a little jump loop off of the dive kick ground bounce instead of s.:h: :s:.


Well it depends on what assist you’re using, but solo+midscreen you can’t really do much more than the standard magic series, launch, air series, Drill Claw to ground bounce, launch air series, Drill Claw xx Fatal Claw.

In the corner solo you should do:

:l:, :m:, :h:, :s: > Super Jump > :h: xx Drill Claw, :h: xx Drill Claw, Dive Kick, :h:, :s: > Super Jump > :h: xx Drill Claw, :h: xx Drill Claw xx Fatal Claw

Generally, if you have an assist which can extend combos well, like a wallbouncing assist or something that has lots of hits, then you can combo an extra Beserker Barrage H xx Fatal Claw at the end and get better DHC options. It all just depends on what your assists do.


MMH on the first air series then MMLH on the second does more damage than MMH on both.


Okay, regardless of the Wolverine forums being almost always dormant, I made a short and sweet video about utilising XF in different ways with him. They’re simple, don’t take long to learn and can be used immediately from the start of the round, you just need to apply them to your team +assists for specific extensions.


From the vid description:

The first clip demonstrates that after landing a B.Slash xx B.Charge, you are likely better off burning your XF immediately as this ensures their character’s death, gives you a welcome mixup and also gives you complete momentum of the round.

The second clip demonstrates the j.L instant overhead XFC which is in the UMvC3 bible and has be shown off by Justin Wong several times now. It’s worth going for if you can guarantee your opponent will stay grounded for a moment because you can kill most characters while building a lot of meter, after which you also have the resources to kill when you get the next touch on a character.

The final clip is just showing off a kill combo from a throw my team can do when completely maximised, and overall why Wolverine is very dangerous anywhere near the corner, because you are trapped and could eat an air-throw if you chicken block, and overhead if you downback, a crossup if you don’t escape and pressure with tick throws if you let it continue.


Optimized midscreen for my team. Generates decent bar, TODs, etc.

cr. a st. b c s sj h drill claw air 2c, st. 5c +a2 (sentinel drones) s b b a c s (they land on and get hit by all 3 drones) j s (causes flying screen), 3b + call assist 1 (dante jam) 623C xx 214 ABC [optional loop of 623a xx 214ABC x n as bar allows]

off of air throw (full mash)

3m + assist 1 (dante jam session) sj 2c 5c s sj b b c s backdash, call assist 2, 3m

covers all wake up options, if they roll forward or backward they’re completely locked down by the drones. sets up easy instant overhead or low mixup, or left/right with berserker slash. if they hold up back to chicken block your low will hit them and kill them.


Does anyone have the combo notation for the berserker charge/berserker slash combo. People seem to get like 2 or 3 more s.H or slashes before the launch. Haven’t been able to figure it out


It’s spacing dependent which version of the slash you have to use, but assuming a clean hit it’s usually 5B 5C 214A x n


my slash/charge bnb starter: slash xx charge, dash cr.M, st.H xx L slash, dash cr.M, st.H xx M slash, dash cr.M st.H S…