SNIKT!: Wolverine Combo, Reset, and Opener Thread



Nice! And suppose I DO want to xf? Activate after the dive kick and do the same thing? I’m just thinkin… if I killed their first guy, and hit the 2nd with a welcome mixup, might as well pop the darkness and virtually guarantee killing the next guy. That leaves. Them down totheir anchor with the quickness, same mixup locked n loaded for re-use. I’m diggin this idea, hehe.


I came up with some combos for this IDK if they where done before but I was bored so just made up these combos hopefully it is useful


hey, question about the wolverine/storm dhc glitch, do you wait till elemental rage finishes and dhc, or do you just dhc in the middle of it?

edit: seems like they jump out after the b charge to M H S, they jump out after the M


You know that the dhc glitch isn’t in ultimate, right?


i didnt know, and i remember seeing a post saying “all the combos work in ultimate, except you cant drill claw/dive kick 2 people anymore” so i assumed it worked :confused:


oh. Yeah the removal of the dhc glitch is a system change rather than a wolverine specific thing. If you do a dhc glitch setup you still get that weird spinning knockdown state but you don’t get the damage and hit stun reset.


oh ok, thanks for the info


Was learning Wolverine and possibly place him in the team i use.So finally had a chance to upload this combo video.


I found a really easy air throw confirm w/ Jam Session that works anywhere but the corner so if you decide to use it, throw away from the corner.

after you land from the air throw:
dash + :a1:, :df:+:m: dash to push opponent out of jam session, :m::h::s: normal combo


Nothing special really, the second combo is just the warmup I use sometimes with his XF2/3 Slash infinite (sorry about the quality/black and white, gonna get it sorted soon enough!)



[S]Honzo Tech!™[/S] Justin Tech published in video form. All the Logan mains claim to use it but I rarely see it


Was it you I had the convo about it last month some time?

I’ve literally never had the chance to used that tech yet ever. I don’t think it’s that useful, because people do not want to play nice for Wolverine ever cause you’re likely to die. The time I’ve used it is 2 times i’ve done the backthrow into the corner conversion (out of 3 tries) without needing XF/B.Charge which Justin didn’t mention on twitter.

2 times in about 2 months lol. I’m even counting them because of how rare they are.


I was half joking. Only reason I even posted it because it was in video form. I figured it was still worth posting for the record


Hey guys, my Wolverine is complete ass, but I wanted you to see this little tidbit I found that can hopefully help out anyone running Wolverine/Frank:



Does anyone have any tips on landing the self re-launch mmhs series after dive-kick or drill claw as shown in this vid @ about 00:50?


I just can’t seem to land anything but the first series :stuck_out_tongue:

It would go great for meter building for a classic Wolvie/Sent/Phoenix team that I want to use.


after the ground bounce, you want to connect j.M just as the opponent starts descending, rather than attacking as soon as possible.




Wesker CAN in fact be used to OTG from df.b via his samurai edge, you merely delay the slide with wolvy. This is kinda important depending on the height you get throws as sometimes wesker won’t come out fast enough.


New Wolvie player here. What are Wolverines general BnB’s? Are the BnB’s in the OP still relevant?


LMHS-MMH-DRill Claw-Dive Kick-H-S-MMH-Drill Claw-Fatal Claw or (MMHS call akuma or Frank Fatal claw…hard to time though) You can also still do MMLHS in the air if you choose. You gain more meter, but lose a little damage. Up to you

off of berserker slash hit confirm: berserker charge-dash-mhs-same combo as above and choose either end in mmhs or mmh-drill claw-fatal if you have the bar.

Best times to XF: After ground bounce from dive kick, After ending fatal claw to do another fatal claw,

or you can do:

LMHS-MMH-Drill claw-Fatal-XF-Dive Kick-whatever