SNIKT!: Wolverine Combo, Reset, and Opener Thread



that is the standard(not optimal) mid-screen charged slash loop/bnb, and has been since early vanilla. which one do you do?

if i end the combo at the hard knockdown from j.S, it does 608,200. and my new go to slash loop gets me, if ended at j.S, 616,400; you can always, of course, add on more damage with otg slide + assist. in the corner–again, if ended at j.S–i do a slightly different loop that does 649,300


i just do cr.M s.H to M/L berserker slash, it depends on where i am, i usually get them to the corner by the 3rd loop and then follow up with s.H s j.m j.m j.h j.s.


after third loop in the corner you should do st.HS, j.H xx drill claw dive kick, st.HS, j.MMHS; i forget if j.MMLHS is possible. what’s your slash loop when you don’t get them in the corner?


Where should one go for an :l: slash and where should one for for an :m: slash? At the moment I just do a basic Bnb, in my heart I know it isn’t optimal, but I neither have the time to practice(with school and all) or a console to practice on so I just run with the basic shit. So Im guessing the combo I should be practicing is BC [ cr.:m: st.:h: bslash ] x 3 st. :h: :s: j.:h: :atk: + :s: :d: :h: st. :h: :s: j. :m: :m: :h: :s:? Oh and how do you guys convert of a berserker slash cancelled into berserker charge? I’ve tried dashing up to start the combo but they drop before I can get there, Im not sure if thats because I don’t have to dash up, or Im just free like that.


I’m finding after I do the slash loops and then launch midscreen, my dive kick ends up whiffing. Tried it from MMH, MH, and just H. Any idea how to fix that? Dummy is vergil, so figured standard stuff should work (as opposed to tron, modok, etc)

I’m assuming we should be able to do it then relaunch, as ending on the first launch with an MMHS doesn’t do that much more damage than a standard bnb. Shouldn’t slash loop combos do far more damage? 2 fatal claws at the end breaks a mil, but that’s 3 meters.


doesn’t really matter, but it’s easier to follow up after M slash.

only in the corner. outside the corner, do: [ cr.M, st.H xx L or M slash] x2, dash cr.M, st.HS, sj.MMLH xx drill claw divekick, st.HS, sj.MMLHS

you’re just not doing quick enough; you can start the dash sooner than you think. also, if you’re having trouble dashing in with cr.M, then i suggest dashing with L + H attack buttons

see above; read this whole post. also, i like to take advantage of the speed boost from b.charge and go for resets; after a ground bounce, st.S,sj.dive kick to force ground tech is pretty good.



Beautiful. So are you basically saying that by including the L in the air combo, the dive kick has better chances of connecting? Because that’s really been my only problem with the combo. Also, does the cM in the slash loops need to be crouching? Vs vergil, at least, sM works fine, and I find it soooo much easier! I mentioned it in another thread, but attempting it with sM literally made me go from “I’ve never done it even once” to “I’m no longer capable of dropping it.”

I could see its possible friends like ammy and rocket could be whiffed by the sM version, but in theory if the combo works in general, should me mostly universal, no?

Oh, since you brought up the forced ground tech reset, just wondering what you like to do with that. While some obvious ideas suggest themselves (call assist, cL etc), what makes it less obvious are the facts that they can tech 3 diff ways, and that they can “wake up DP” with a super or invincible/high-priority move. Though long as we have game against the former problem, the latter could just be seen as part of the mind game. :slight_smile:

Lastly, thrilla, if you get a chance and see this before it, check out the post I just put in the questions thread. If you (or anyone) knows its answer, it’ll be REALLY good for all wolvie players to know.


Yeah I’m testing that slash loop combo on various characters, with and without the added L, and still keep whiffing the dive kick. Grr, any idea how to fix this? Ever happen to you?

Edit: and the times when it does hit, relaunch into a full sjMMLHS and sjMMHS drop due to HSD. Are you SURE that combo works as you typed it? With all the slash loop hits, I’m surprised even CAN launch and relaunch afterwards

Edit to edit: yeah I’m doing it in the corner, too, just to be sure divekick won’t whiff. After full b.slash loopage, it just isn’t allowing a full launch and relaunch combo. Any video where it does work exist?

Good news is I’ve confirmed the sM instead of cM does, in fact, work universally!


yeah, i’m sure it works as i typed it. i’ve been doing it for about a year now. i think that you’re not reading it right. i’m going to just write out the whole combo without any shortcuts.
outside corner: raw b.slash xx b.charge, dash cr.M, st.H xx L/M b.slash, dash cr.M, st.H xx L/M b.slash, dash cr.M, st.HS, sj.MMLH xx drill claw divekick, land, st.HS, sj.MMLHS…then the rest depends on what assist you have.

corner: raw b.slash xx b.charge, do not dash, cr.M, st.H xx L b.slash, cr.M, st.H xx L b.slash, cr.M, st.H xx L b.slash, st.HS, sj.H xx drill claw divekick, land, st.HS, sj.MMHS…this combo works but it’s sorta tight and does less damage than an easier corner loop i’ve adopted. after b.charge, go straight into st.H xx L b.slash instead of cr.M, st.H xx b.slash. the rest of the combo is the same until the last air series: do sj.MMLHS instead of sj.MMHS.


Aside from replacing the cMs with sMs, that’s exactly what I was doing(midscreen one). But after the relaunch, early during the sjMMLHS, HSD kicks in and it drops on its own, even when I do it really fast. -shrug-


i don’t know what you’re doing wrong then. are you playing on the vita or something? i’ve read that the HSD is slightly different…


i actually don’t have one, i usually get them to the corner, i just keep an eye out at where i am at the map and loop them to the corner by following 2 rules. M slash makes you face the other direction and L slash gives you distance towards the direction you’re facing.
thanks i’ll try that!


Nope, 360.


its kinda drops for me too, after the loops and the dive kick part, the last mmhs drops after the j.M cause of HSD


from what i learned, :l:slash give you more distance towards the direction you’re facing and :m: slash makes you face the other other direction. so i just keep an eye out at which corner is closest to me and slash the opponent towards him, btw i don’t used dash between the loops except for after canceling beserker slash into beserker charge


it was pointed out that if you’re literally mid screen, my theory doesn’t work and won’t get them to the corner. tested and confirmed =(
sooo whats everyone’s bslash loop to corner?


by “literally mid screen” do you mean the spot where the characters spawn at the start of the round? if so, you can definitely carry to the corner by doing this:raw b.slash xx b.charge, delayed st.H xx M slash, dash cr.M,st.H xx L slash–at this point you have them in the corner–cr.M, st.H xx L slash, st.HS, sj.H xx drill claw dive kick, land, st.HS, sj.MMLHS.

it’s important that you slightly delay the st.H after b.charge, followed by an immediate M slash. the delay allows you to stay on the same side you were facing from the start. also, i’m not sure if you guys know this, but M slash sends the opponent higher in the air than L slash–and H slash, obviously, sends them higher than M slash. anyway, i don’t know how you guys are having issues with hitstun decay regarding the loops i posted; i’m either not catching some error i keep repeating in the notations, or you guys are not reading it right. you guys should have no hitstun issues with this one though. anyway, this combo should get you 655,300 before the otg slide + assist.


Regardless of who I anchor (sadly leaning back twds vergil), one thing is for sure when I play a wolvie team: plasma beam. So to any of you who play it, was wondering if you had any specific tactics, setups, confirms, etc using the beam.

I’ve been studying pr rog video, and some ideas like “call doom, b.slash” are pretty obvious, but does anyone have any specific, maybe less obvious ways to rush people down using the beam? I’m pretty certain sH+beam xx h slash works as it does with tatsu, and ill bet a jMHS air confirm works off a raw landed beam, are there any other good tricks of the trade a logan choosing to use plasma as his primary assist should know?

Lots of times ill find myself hitting them with my claws or the beam, but not being in a position to convert. Any strategic game-plan type ideas to keep the rushdown cohesive and consistent?

Same question, I guess, for rapid slash. It won’t be the primary assist, but PR has def shown it to be much more useful than simply an otg pickup. In partic it seems like calling it, then going for a sj dive kick can work well as a welcome setup. I dunno, just thinkin out loud. I hate to use someone elses team exactly, but wolve doom vergil just looks like the kind of wolvie I wanna play. Wolve doom at the very least.

Anyone run plasma and/or rapid slash with any words of wisdom? Thanks in advance!


Well really all I ever do with plasma beam is call it, dash up and block, you’ll be surprised how many people you open up with this. Another thing I do is cover my dive kicks with it, so I call it, dive kick and dash up. Another one, is an incoming mix-up, I call plasma beam and dive kick, depending on the timing and the height it’ll either cross up or land in front, its a real good one although I haven’t gotten the timing down to catch characters with air mobility.

Just a few of the things I use it for, nothing fancy but the basic playstyles been working for me so far. Looking forward to hearing other peoples set-ups though.


i just played with a friend that uses wolvie and vergil. he did this to me. after an air combo that ended with j.S he called vergil and beserker slashed me @_@ i’m pretty sure he otg’d. i don’t know exactly what he did, but theres a solid theory you can work with. hope that helps