SNIKT!: Wolverine Combo, Reset, and Opener Thread

What about after a Throw, Daggers, :df::m: are you able to connect more than just a Hyper after this setup?

Drill claw reset options: [media=youtube]a_Hc_CYVvYw[/media] (ignore berserker charge nonsense)

For dash reset after drill claw: If they tech forward, a heavy B slash with cross up. If they tech back, a light slash crosses up.

With the right reactions it makes this reset ridiculously hard to deal with.

you say dash reset after Drill Claw, but did you mean after Dive Kick.
Also when you use a Slash to cross up, do you forgo the dash?

Hit me back so I get this clear and Ill put it in the OP.
I had it there originally, but I rewatched it(without sound, so Im not sure if your explaining things) and I got confused as to what you where demonstrating, I didnt see any cross up slashes.

I’ll record it again with a better demonstration.

I’ll link it when it’s done.

In corner: After connecting :df::m:: Dash, Chun-Li Assist (Hyakuretsukyaku), :d::l:(:d::l:).

This setup covers most options after tech roll, no matter which direction, the main exception being moves with invincibility.

If they try to jump, they will eat a low. If they call an assist during their roll, it will likely be stuffed by either Chun-Li Assist or Wolverine’s :d::l:(s).

The assist maintains enough pressure to dash in and mixup with high/low.

EDIT: I’m sure there are other assists that can be used in this way (to varying degrees of effectiveness), so go experiment!

I think we should add the OTG df+m, Xfactor combos here as well as the berserker charge berserker barrage/slash loops. Also, just for kicks I got 8 drill claws in a combo last night and think I could get more. :slight_smile: I’ll post when I’m finished.

ive got a bit of the :df::m: information in here already but I need to test all the assist that will allow you to combo off of it.
As far as X-factor combos, post them up and ill make a section.

Or, are you talking about :df::m: XFC combo. I put one up that Tokido used, if you have more ill post them.

Also Id like to know that 8 drill claw combo, for kicks

Wolverine Reset

Any BnB that ends in :s: scj. j.:m:j.:m:j.:h: xx Drill Claw xx Fatal Claw can turn into a reset by simply delaying the sj, then each hit aside from the :h: into Drill Claw (and obviously into the Fatal Claw). When done correctly, the opponent will be hit toward the top of the Fatal Claw hitbox quite high in the air, allowing Wolverine to land with enough time to poke with :l: into an air throw attempt.

(xxx) ~ :s: (small pause) sjc. j:m: j.:m: j.:h: xx Drill Claw xx Fatal Claw (land) :l: (air throw attempt)

Also, I would like to add that Spencer’s Slant Shot allows Wolverine to combo after an OTG :df::m:

Solo Instant Overhead (j.:l:) Combos

j.:l: j.:s: xx :df:Drill Claw ~ Dive Kick

Works on:
Hulk (Anywhere)
Tron (Corner Only)

j.:l: j.:l: j.:s: (xx :df:Drill Claw ~ Dive Kick) OR (Land :l:, etc.)

Works on:
Haggar (Corner Only)
Hulk (Anywhere)
M.O.D.O.K. (EDIT: Anywhere; please see the “NOTE” below)
NOTE: Delay before the second j.:l: in order for Dive Kick to connect.
Thor (Corner Only)
Tron (Anywhere)

EDIT: For this combo, you can delay between the first and second j.:l:'s against:
Hulk (Anywhere)
M.O.D.O.K. (Anywhere)
Tron (Corner Only)
This affords you more time to followup (this is particularly useful for connecting “Land :l:, etc.” consistently).

As for Sentinel, any aerial can IOH, but j.:l: is the most effective because of its speed and combo options.
There are several possible combo progressions. I use: j.:l: j.:m: Delay j.:m: j.:h:, Land Dash j.:uf: j.:l: j.:m: Delay j.:m: j.:h:, Land :l:, etc.

P.S. I didn’t test EVERYONE, just the characters I figured it would work on. If anyone has any additions, please post them.

ok thanks ill update

What Berserker Slash xx Berserker Charge combos are people using?

I’m using (without assists): 613,400 without Fatal Claw

Slash xx Berserker Charge ~ Dash (:m:):h::s: ^ j.:h: xx Drill Claw ~ Dive Kick, Land :h: xx :l:Slash ~ :d::m::h: xx :l:Slash ~ :h: xx [:m:Barrage®]x3 (xx Fatal Claw)

(With assists): 703,300 without Fatal Claw

Slash xx Berserker Charge ~ Dash (:m:):h::s: ^ j.:h: xx Drill Claw ~ Dive Kick, Land :h: xx :l:Slash ~ :d::m::h: xx :l:Slash ~ :a1: (Akuma Tatsu) :h: xx :l:Slash ~ :h::s: ^ j.:h:j.:s:, Land :a2: (Chun-Li Hyakuretsu) :df::m: ~ :h::s: xx JCC (:d::df::f::uf:) :h:Barrage® (xx Fatal Claw)

I do B.Charge, j:m:j:h:j:s: land j:m:j:h:j:s: land :s: ^ j:m:j:m:j:h: xx Drill Claw etc…
From here this combo can end in many different ways.
Typically I only do BCharge combo after a DHC glitch from Storm after an air combo; so I wont get an bounce off of Wolverines Dive Kick; their for My BCharge combo typically end after the first Drill Claw, with any of the following:
*Aerial Exchange
*Dive Kick
*Fatal Claw

Though I think that I should probably convert to the Barrage reps

for a DHC gltich combo that involves Magneto/Wolverine i do:

cr.:l:, cr.:l:, cr.:m:, cr.:h:,:s:, sj.:h:, adf, j.:m:, j:h:, land, j.:h:, adf, j.:m:, j:h: (x3), :h:, :l: hyper grav, tempest xx B. Charge (you have to cancel before any of the rocks come out), u/f drill claw, j.:h:, drill claw ~ dive kick, :h:, :s:, j :m: :m: :h:, drill claw xx fatal claw.
This does 1.047 million for a net meter of -2 since you get over a meter doing the magneto BnB

Video: [media=youtube]qDg_1YCRcYk"[/media]

EDIT: corrected the combo because i remembered it wrong and for correct damage
EDIT2: added Link to video

My apologies if this was already posted. This is a corner-only combo that leads to 743,000 damage:

j.:s:,:l:,:m:,:l:,:h:,:s:,sj.:h: xx Drill Claw,:m:,:m: xx Drill Claw~Dive Kick,:s:,sj.:m:,:m:,:l:,:h: xx Drill Claw xx Fatal Claw

This combo only does 675,300. It does 743,000 with damage set to “High.”

As for corner combos, (after :s:),

^ j.:h: xx Drill Claw ~ j:h: xx Drill Claw ~ Dive Kick, Land :h::s: ^ j.:h: xx :u:Drill Claw ~ j.:h: (xx Drill Claw xx Fatal Claw) OR (j.:s:, Land etc.)

is the most damaging and consistent ender I’ve found. It’s possible to do, (after :s:),

^ :u:Drill Claw ~ j.:h: xx Drill Claw ~ j.:h: xx Drill Claw ~ Dive Kick, etc.

but the second Drill Claw in the second air combo will likely whiff (j.:s: will still connect).

NOTE: This progression encounters problems if hitstun scales unnaturally (i.e. after assists), but is still possible. You’ll have to adjust it to specific starters and assists.

I’m slowly realizing the synergy Spencer and Wolverine have with each other more and more. If Spencer touches you, he’s getting a bar and pushing you into the corner before DHCing into Wolverine to tick off the leftovers. If Wolverine touches you, he can DHC into Spencer, who DHC’s back for the kill. Why did I not see this synergy before?

Wolverine as the starter:

:l::m::d::m::h::s: sjc. :m::m::h: xx Drill Claw ~ Dive Kick (land) :h: xx :h:B. Barrage (mash) xx Fatal Claw (DHC) Bionic Maneuvers (DHC) B. Charge into Mr. Nannie’s B. Charge ending.

It blows 3 meters, but it’s guaranteed death on anyone for touching them once. Best part is, you can kill anyone in one go for touching them with either character.


My apologies. I forgot that you can’t simply DHC from Wolverine to Spencer and directly back to Wolverine without a combo in between. Simple fix.

:l::m::d::m::h::s: sjc. :m::m::h: xx Drill Claw ~ Dive Kick (land) :h: xx :h:B. Barrage xx Hyper B. Barrage (DHC) Bionic Lancer ~ Armor Piercer (or OTG :h:Grapple (j.:s:) Armor Piercer, although less consistent) xx (~?) Bionic Maneuvers (DHC) B. Charge -> Mr. Nannie’s B. Charge ender.

Now, it’s important to note that in order to link Bionic Lancer to Armor Piercer for optimum damage and ease of comboability, Bionic Lancer has to hit at a very specific height. Refer to this video for a visual: [media=youtube]VllF33XUFwQ[/media]

With some time in the lab, the timing can become almost second nature, but you do have to put in the time.

The Armor Piercer will wall bounce, however, so you must time your Bionic Maneuvers for when they cross back over you.

This now takes 4 bars instead of the previously estimated 3, but it’s guaranteed to kill. A tad impractical, but if you really need, for example, a Hulk or Thor dead (due to XF, bad match-up, character hatred, etc.), this can be your go-to combo mid-to-late game. Plus, it’s flashy as hell. Combofiend, eat your heart out :cool:

I’ll see about recording this at some point. I don’t have the equipment to do it myself, but I have a friend that does.

Wolverine/Spencer (Slant Shot):

Call :a1: (Slant Shot) :df::m: ~ (Slant Shot Hit) drags the opponent back down into standing.

This is an excellent opportunity to reset into:
:l:Slash (Crossup)
Backdash :l:Slash (Crossup Fake)
Backdash :m:Slash/:h:Slash (Crossup)

NOTE: These are INTENDED for use in the corner. They can be used midscreen as well, but I’m not sure if they work 100% across cast.

You’re probably better off mixing between the second and third options, since it’s much more ambiguous. Plus, you don’t have to delay at all.

Keep in mind you’re going to have to cancel into Berserker Charge to get a combo since your assist will not have had a chance to recharge yet. But with Wolverine’s meter gain, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Hope this helps.

Not sure if this has been posted yet, but I’m pretty sure I saw someone asking if you can use Hulk’s otg assist(gamma wave) to continue combos. I found a way, and it works pretty well. You can only combo after in the corner, but if you do it midscreen, it does corner them(just have to dash behind as they fly across the screen), so it’s not all bad.

:l::m::h::s: xx super jump :m::m::h: xx drill claw, :d::h:, land, short jump, j.:m:j.:m:j.:h:j.:s:, call assist, land, berzerker barrage H xx super. (649,000 ending with Berzerker Barrage X. 457,000 with no super)

Instead of launching again, just going for the air combo after ground bounce, gives you a ton of time to call an assist. You can also call assists during your jump attacks, because it’s not a super jump. You even land before you opponent. I think this would work for a lot of the slower OTGs. Could try Akuma’s demon flip dive kick assist, maybe. That one might even work midscreen.

I follow-up ground bounce (from Dive Kick) with: :a1: (Akuma Tatsu) :h: xx :l:Slash ~ (Dash) :h::s: ^ etc.

I used to use (from Dive Kick): j.:uf: j.:m:j.:m: :a1: (Akuma Tatsu) j.:h:j.:s: ~ (Dash) :h::s: ^ etc, but it’s significantly less damage.

Akuma’s Tatsu assist works particularly well because it’s fast, travels very far, and allows plenty of time to followup.

Sorry I havent updated yet, itll get done by the time this weekends over.
Thanks alot for all of you additions lately guys