Snipes is back on the big screen! Brooklyn's Finest thread

Yes! Snipes should make a bounce back like Robert Downey Jr.

seeing it this afternoon in the theater closest to south central that white people are still allowed in.

Goddamnit, I want this bady but I know I’m going to have to wait until dvd since we won’t get it in english.

movie was very good. really, really dark. like a slimy old 70s-80s New York crime grindhouse movie. not some new jack city action fest with tons of one-liners. snipes was great, he could have had more screen time, but the movie is really about the three main guys (richard gere, ethan hawke, don cheadle). Multiple guys from The Wire: Weebay, Omar, Clay Davis. Movie is pretty long because there is a lot of story, but there’s so much random crazy that it definitely keeps you interested the whole way.

online critics are known to be shit, but its the same with srk when it comes to movies. everybody saying the movie was shit, 1 dude here saying its good. hmmm, wtf could it be…

Amen to that. Welcome back Wes.

There is a pretty good quality screener out there if anyone wants to watch it.

This movie will be forgotten. But it was thoroughly entertaining. More so for the funny dialog and great performance by the main 3 actors. The story is forgettable. With the ending, I get the feeling that I was suppose to be asking myself “well what happened?”. Didn’t care enough to care what happened.

It’s worth a watch. Don, Ethan, and Wesley always have my attention.

ya the ending was really ummmm… stupid. i guess it is supposed to illustrate the ‘wild west’ situation in the modern day city, but meh. also i didnt hear one aggy.

About the ending

original ending

The made Fuqua cut the original ending, which had Gere’s character putting the gun back in his mouth and blowing his brains out[/details]


At least that would have made sense.

Hollywood always for watering shit down.