SNK: Breakers Revenge

Didn’t see a dedicated thread:

Anyhow, this is an old game circa 1998. Its the sequel or more like an update to the original breakers by visco games for SNK. So while its no SF3, since both were around same time in arcades, its certainly a solid, and extremely fun game. I am honing my skills, I am late to the party, as I recently stumbled across this gem, but extreme solid, its a little different, and takes some getting used to.

Anyhow lets see if we can create a mini scene for it,

Lets start with the basics, Tiers, Match compability. Also anyone know any good sites for info on it, aside from gamefaqs, and where I could find some sprites, otherwise I may have to sprite rip myself, or if anyone is good at ripping please, give me a hand.

Tiers, based on my BIASED opinion <3 Tia

Top player using Tia :wink:

Godly Tier
Bai-Hu (lol dmitri, Bison, and Akuma rip off :wink: )

Tia, Sho, Pielle, Condor, Dao-Long

Alsion III, Maherl, Rila


Its a very solid game, wish they made a sequel, makes me want to make HD art for it, can someone help me rip the sprites ;).


Firstly Breakers and Breakers Revenge is developed and published by Visco on the neogeo hardware and secondly, the Breakers Revenge thread is located here.

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sho is best. saizo is up there.

Honestly I think it’s more like:


Condor Tia


From the old Breakers Revenge thread - Buktooth’s tiers:

S class:
Saizo (best normal moveset for both ground and air, best fireball, best jump in, best cross up, every random button links and combos, gets an insane number of random dizzies for no reason. only missing a reversal)

Sho (easy infinite, fast and cancellable overhead, crazy good reversal, big damage, dive kick and run, most well-rounded character)

A Class:
Tia (toned down sho. worse in almost every way, but still really good. only things she does better than sho are fireball fights and throws)

Condor (plays more like 3s chun/ken than anything else; huge priority, range and damage, and pretty much everything is confirmable into super. the super is an everything-in-one move, and he’s the only good character that has a throw game. would be ranked higher, but loses for free to saizo)

Dao Long (another all-around character. big damage, everything combos into super, NO CHARGE TIME. ground normals are a little crappy, so all you’re really doing is sonic booms)

B Class:
Rila (good normal moves, really fast jump, good reversal. combos and supers are blah)

C Class:
Maherl (has some really good tools like the “hop kick” and super throw, but no big damage combos, and no anti-air at all)
Alsion III (decent, but has too much trouble keeping out the top tiers)

D Class:
Pielle (the combo meter is lying to you when it says jab jab into rekkas combos. it’s blockable. decent offense with pogo and overhead butt, but no good confirmable combos. anti-air is also really spotty)

i remember when the rom was dumped, and i played it for awhile… but i see people playing it at tournaments and i get a laugh since the game is so unusual

It’s a fun game really. It’s is worth checking out if you haven’t.

Starcade, if you come down to Pines, Lets vs in it :wink:

I sent an inquiry to Visco, lets see how that turns out :wink: