Snk can not count

I would just like to point out that king of fighters XII is XII at all. Lets count
King of fighters 1994-1
King of fighters 1995-2
King of fighters 1996-3
King of fighters 1997-4
King of fighters 1998-5
King of fighters 1999-6
King of fighters 2000-7
King of fighters 2001-8
King of fighters 2002-9
King of fighters 2003-10
Now it get crazy,
King of fighters Maxium Impact-11
King of fighters Neo Wave-12
King of fighters 2006 (Maxium Impact 2)-13
King of fighters XI-14
King of fighters XII-15
Now I know that some of you will say Maxium Impact don’t count cause its in 3d but the truth of the matter is that it came out for that year Maxium Impact is King of fighter 2004, Neo wave is 2005, and Maxium Impact 2 is 2006.
I kinda wish that they would have just stuck with the years. Oh and I didn’t forget king of fighter kyo. 2008 was the only year that no new king of fighter was made because they were working on 12. Comments…

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Allright, i was somewhat tolerant with loltastic threads… but this…

In b4 thread lock.

Please, tell us more.

Are you some kind of like psychic detective?

By your logic, Street Fighter IV is actually Street Fighter XIV or XI or something.


the hell is maxium impact?

I’ll be kind just in case you’re serious:

MI series is a different continuity, meaning you will probably never see Duke or others new to that in SNK’s main series, but you can see dead characters like Rugal or Yashiro pop into it. There is overlap with the storylines, but minimal and worth disregarding.

KOF Neowave is unless I’m mistaken just an alt version of 2k2. By your logic 98UM and 2k2UM would count as separate games as well.

Please don’t retort, I don’t care to give it any deeper thought than it’s already gotten.

2008 was the biggest year for fighting games in the longest time and the only year that a new king of fighters was not made…
iron knee…

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since when is neo wave considered a “new” kof?..

And you can’t common sense.

Even though it’s oh so wrong, this had me ROLLIN! :rofl:

Wow and I thought 09ers had bad threads…

I took out the games without a storyline except KoFXII.

  1. KoF '94
  2. KoF '95
  3. KoF '96
  4. KoF '97
  5. KoF '99
  6. KoF 2000
  7. KoF 2001
  8. KoF 2003
  9. KoF XI
  10. KoF MI
  11. KoF MI 2
  12. KoF XII ???

Just my opinion.

I don’t even know what to say to this shi.

Wow, just wow. :coffee:

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