SNK Cinematic Universe coming?

This new Chinese company Ledo Milennium said they want to make SNK pretty much “the Marvel Studios of video game industry”, and they’ve said they want to do video games, animated movies and theatrical movies.

The comparison is quite interesting, since SNK created from the very beginning a global timeline between their games, with frequent crossovers and references.

Something like this?

[details=Spoiler]**PHASE 1

JULY 2018
Art of Fighting.** Set in the '90s or so, adapting the story of AoF1. **Post-credits scene **reveals who is the true mind behind Yuri’s kidnapping: Geese Howard.

Ikari Warriors.
Colonel Heidern guides Ralf and Clark on a mission to stop dangerous weapon dealer Rugal Bernstein. Post-credits scene: After being defeated by Heidern, Rugal’s visited by a strange man that comes from the sky: Goenitz, who deposits a strange power on his eye.

APRIL 2019
Fatal Fury.
Adapting Fatal Fury 1. **Post-credits scene: **Terry, Andy and Joe receive a mysterious letter, signed “R”.

Psych Soldiers.
Partially based on “Athena’s Awakening” video game, introduces characters like Chin Gentsai and Saisyu Kusanagi, they’re investigating a weird power surrounding the upcoming King of Fighters tournament. Post-credits scene: Saisyu arrives to Rugal’s Black Noah, to challenge him.

JULY 2020
The King of Fighters: Episode 1.
Based on KOF '94-95. **Post-credits scene: **Omega Rugal lies defeated in the shore. As he agonizes, a weird individual appears and tells him he’s too weak to handle Orochi’s power. The weird guy introduces himself as: Iori Yagami.[/details]

So we can get more of this, but in Chinese knockoff style. Pass.

Like this? XD


Fuck that shit. When’s Garou 2? Need more Rock Howard in my life

The only way an snk cinematic universe could be dope is through animation. Do not do anymore live action king of fighters, and you dont have the budget or connections to pull off a good one.

I think they should focus on making epic snk cinematic movies. Try to change the game that way. That live action shit will be the hottest garbage ever, like their 2010 kof movie.

Oh shit, you are back, and with bad news to boot.

I could support some of that dirty/grimy early-mid '90s anime style with that Hajime-No-Ippo flair.

They need to do kof, aof, FF, and the other series but start at the beginning like how Jojo did it.

They could actually build a pretty epic anime universe by doing the marvel approach. They first start with AOF1/AOF2. Afterwards they go with FF1/FF2 then follow it with KOF94. At this point they just continue the KOF series but release FF3,Real Bout 1 and garou as movies.

If they do this then in about a 10 year span they would have created a very deep anime universe.

Saigado in animation would be perfect.

I don’t know how to feel about this acquisition maybe 'cause of the stigma that carries the “made in china” name and in this case a Chinese company buying a Japanese company.

I think what they’re trying to do is a good idea I hope they can pull it off, KOF is huge in china so that makes sense but even better would be if they brought it over here (whatever they’re trying to make and if it turns out any good) in the west Europe and north america where most of the snk franchises are unknown for the most part. The more exposure the better as long as they leave the game development alone and just help them out with more budget should be all good.

another KOF anime will be awesome, make it happen

Not sure what is “Chinese anime” called…

I only remember this sort of joke anime, I think it was the most popular there.

Not even gonna lie, they would have me over the fuckin’ roof, if they started producin’ shit for games they don’t make any more. Blood will be shed if I see a Last Blade anime before I see a God Damn sequel. Just being honest.

Its interesting the news as big as this doesnt have its own thread. Maybe this one should jsut be renamed as a generic SNK thread. Its really sad what has happened to this company. I never really played any of the SNK games seriously, but it didnt mean their games were not great. Those games were definitely some of the most fun I had in fighting games.

Will we ever see any more Fatal Furys, AOF, Last Blade, SS? Im not so sure. Its a pity Capcom doesnt have any cash, I would have loved for them to have purchased SNK IPs and see what they could have done with it. In fact, Im even sure a company like Namco or Sega would have done well with those characters and games.

The designs of most of those games and characters are old school and so iconic. They came at a period of my life when I was young and fell in love with fighting games (1990-2000 btw). This also sadly means there will probably not be another sequel for my fav fighting game of all time CVS2. So Farewell and RIP SNK, it was great while it lasted but sadly it just wont be the same again. :’(

In general I think the Chinese understand better the Japanese than Americans, a proof is the video I posted above, they can pull off these ‘goofy’ but sort of loyal live action adaptations, I’m pretty sure they can do better theatrical movies than what the American KOF movie was.

And I also think there’s a chance this Chinese studio may be simply the producers/publishers of the games and movies but they hire Japanese teams to develop the actual contents.

I’m totally interested in seeing more SNK content, manga, anime, whatever. Their characters are really interesting and I want to see more of them.
That said, I also want to see more arcade/home console releases of new games.

If they have the money, they can (re)hire whoever did those KOF: Another Day shorts. They were pretty good, if well, short.

I still think the framing on the scene that gif is from is really weird. The way they show the punch land from the other side make it look like the characters switch sides out of no where. Iroi starts on the left side, but when the punch lands he’s on the right. It’s bad imo, it disorients the viewer. Film makers should try to avoid that kind of stuff whenever possible. An example of this problem in a big Hollywood movie was The Dark Knight. It was absolutely awful with that kind of bad framing and shit. The Tunnel Chase with the Tumbler is a really great example of it.