SNK Gamers in New York City

Any SNK fans in New York? I’m looking for some gamers to play against.

go to chinatown.

there are alot actually, there is a new arcade that opened up on the bowery, I’ll pm you the exact location.

there is also a meetup group that my friend Philip Kao runs here’s the link:

some of the members are really big into snk games but, as soon as i get the address of that arcade i’ll pm it to you. I’m trying to get into more snk games myself

could you post the location of the arcade so that everybody can pretty much see it? it is a public arcade, right?


It’s called KongMan, And I go there all the time. I’m usually on NGBC or KOF XI. I rarely play Fist of the North Star. And when I go to CF the NGBC machine is always vacant. I’m the only one playing it. Bah, makes me stronger I guess…

where is it exactly? i never heard of it…

Were you at CF last night? Were you the guy playing a Kyo team in NGBC?

I was using K’/Washizuka, Karate/Robert, and Shermie/Mai.

damn i wish i play more snk games so i can play you guys man

Man where is the SNK love and competition? I practically run the battle coliseum…

lol well i been playing some snk games and stuff like kof xi so i think i might go up out there later this year and i might want to play some of you guys where is a good arcade at for kof xi??? and so how is it looking up out in nyc

There is no competition up in NY. NO one touches SNK games. It is disgusting.

where is this kongman? I’m probably the only non-chinese-fob that plays KoF2k2 at CTF…

It’s on the corner of Bowery and Hester. All the way in the back they have 2k2 as well as XI and HnK.

well im not saying im good but i have been playing so i been looking for some new shit and people to talk to so any one got any links to any good vids???

yo i ain’t from nyc but am a snk god. jeron known’s the power good games at tga

I want to play against Jeron in NGBC. I have no good comp in there.