SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy


I will still pick this up, even if it looks wack.


Looks like the cast is

  1. Athena Asamiya
  2. Kyla Diamond
  3. Mai Shiranui
  4. Yuri Sakazaki
  5. Leona Heidern
  6. Sylvie Paula Paula
  7. Mian
  8. Shermie
  9. MuiMui
  10. Love Heart
  11. Fio
  12. Goeniko
  13. Cham Cham
  14. ?? (Luise Meyrink)


They’re really going out of their way to lewd Kula in this game huh


They are giving the people what they want.


What the actual fuck? Oh well, if it’s successful maybe SNK will get enough money to do a proper Samurai Shodown game again.


It’s honestly looks like a fun & cute game for the Switch. Looking forward to it


Seems like something from the early 2000’s in terms of style, I like it.


Guess having Mai in DOA5 really opened SNK’s eyes of playing boob-jiggle dress-up with their females.


Thread title really needs to be changed to “SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy is the greatest heroines tag team fighter ever”.



It looks to be a fun little game. I just think 14 characters to be a pretty small roster for this type of game when you had like 19 female characters in XIV. Well, Love Heart might not be in since SNK sold the rights of SkyLove to another pachislot company still in 2016. But there are items named after her, so who knows? Hope for KukriSandel Dark as boss, MissX and Yuki as “I want Kyo” tag team.

Besides ottomatic, here are two other breakdowns:


Looks at the trailers. Looks at the merch. Looks at the US publisher for this.

Cornette Face

Not only “no”, but “hell no.” What I’m seeing of the battle system so far isn’t holding my interest, and I strongly suspect this game will instead focus most of its efforts on being a vehicle for fucktons of DLC. I’ll pass. I don’t need Waifu Simulator 2018.




Goeniko will be in looking at one of the silhouettes


Are they really going to leave my girls King and Angel out if this? Come on SNK.


I am all for this. Geonitz was always my favorite SNK boss type character.


From r/Kappa.

Someone pointed out that the game seems to have started with their April Fools joke, and that it might actually be a sequel to the webcomic that it spawned (the one where KukriSandel Dark kidnapped the girls to make one of them his wife). So this means, the possible characters in the game may be the ones from the webcomic.


So kukri is an Arabian sheik? Dude’s gathering a whole harem


Actually, it’s more like he’s making them fight so the winner can become his waifu.


I’m not sure that speculation will hold true. One of the silhouettes in one of the promotional pictures clearly looks like Fio/Eri with the hat and gun, so unless it’s someone cosplaying as them that would break the pattern.