SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy


Considering what we’ve seen, I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone just cosplaying as Fio/Eri.

Besides, the webcomic and april fools joke is most likely tied into this game (and it was likely being worked on as far back as then).


Link to the web comic


Yeah it could be Zarina cosplaying as Fio


I hope Zarina and Luon make it in.


Looking at the info, I think all the KOF14 girls aside from Angel (since Kula is wearing her outfit) Mature, Vice, Vanessa & Whip will make it

  1. Mai
  2. Athena
  3. Kula
  4. Yuri
  5. Leona
  6. Alice
  7. Luong
  8. Zarina
  9. King
  10. Mian
  11. Sylvie
  12. Nakoruru
  13. Mui Mui
  14. Love Heart

Boss: Kukri


It’s neither Fio/Eri, nor is it someone cosplaying them.

It’s Policewoman Love Heart. Keep in mind that every character in this screen is wearing their alternate costume, you cannot base your speculation on what their default looks like.


I just hope that Rose Bernstein is in this game, especially as a boss character just for the hell of it. :lol:


Gameplay at EVO Japan:


I’m gud, dawg.




Nakoruru confirmed (to the surprise of no one)


SNK still isn’t going to profit much from it compared to if they treated it as a serious all womens fighting game with 50 playable female fighters from SNK multiverse.
beauty and sexiness is ok, but specifically pandering to perverts with the way the all womens fighting competition concept is presented, really brings the whole atmosphere down to trashy levels.

SNK Heroines with a KOFXIV level tournament attitude and roster size would make it much more marketable instead of a porn cashgrab.
it’s sad this is all SNK sees women as and only put 100% effort and take it seriously when guys are in the spotlight.

and on the flipside, whenever westerners make an all womens fighting game, even when they dont treat the women like porn,
most westerners make the characters look ugly as sin and/or with bad fighting mechanics.

there’s still no perfect respectable all women’s fighting game due to the mentalities of the developers that make the games.


It’s funny that this game has an actual story mode. Also, Nakoruru has her robe move back but no Mamahaha?


It’s a video game Anita, it’s just a spin-off meant to be fun, it was never meant to be taken seriously



If nothing else Mamahaha looks like he/she at least makes a cameo in her super considering they’ve kept start up animations from lvl 2 supers from KOF and the bird super start up shows in the trailer.

So far I’ve only seen two costumes per character (except Athena, she has the frilly idol costume, the goddess Athena bikini, and one of the Nintendo Direct trailers had shown her KOF XIV outfit) and all characters not in their standard (original) costume has a blushing portrait (except Leona). I think it may be that all character have three base costumes (original, swimsuit, alternate) with color scheme and accessory customization.

Also I think we can at say 9 confirmed characters at this point, the 6 officially shown; Athena, Kula, Mai, Leona, Yuri, Nakoruru. Two of the others are Love Heart and Sylvie who we’ve seen their cosplay items in the menus, and the other is Mian, considering the lapel pin set is characters in their original outfits, one clearly has the curved part of her head wear. Let me know if I missed something.


So an all girl fighting game with scantily clad outfits? Fuck it, I’m in.

Surprised Athena didn’t have her goddess outfit as default. Would of fit more.

Hope there are non-KOF girls in it too. Would love to see Mina in, plus they wouldn’t have to do much with her outfit, lol. Hotaru should come back also

Could be a fun game. Waiting to see the rest of the cast now




Rise up indeed


Looks like Mamahaha turned into a bat and now goes straight like a regular fireball:

And I don’t know if it was intentional, but that’s a really curious reference for Nakoruru:


Hopefully she has her schoolgirl outfit along with the regular one. Maybe even long robe customization