SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy


I wrote that up before seeing any pictures of the bat. I wouldn’t put it past SNK to make references to various anime and manga considering their past (various rider attacks, 2nd gear Ralf, Benimaru/Polnareff, etc.). We’ve also seen them willing to go absolutely insane on costume references in the MI games as well as the XIII color schemes. That’s a good catch nonetheless.


Wait, if Love Heart is in the game then what’s that whole thing about selling Sky Love IPs to other pachinko company?


Could have simply just been the pachinko license while SNK retains the characters and names for use in other media. Hard to say.



Will we get Ash in a two piece bikini?




I said something similar on the KOF board before but now that a game like this has become reality, what i wish to see next is SNK making a “girl-band” game, it’s just as it sounds, an all female chars game but instead of fight, we have music, singing and dancing.


Like KOF/SNK Version Of Idolm@ster? I’d buy that in an instant


News coming in:

(Also confirmed that the next char reveal won’t be a KOFXIV char)


… Well… damn!


I for one would like to restate how much I love that Leona is the only character to not blush in any of the drawn portraits (so far, we could get someone else perfectly okay in whatever get up they’re put into, or we could get a 4th Leona costume where even she can’t keep a straight face). What’s got me laughing right now is how comfortable she seems with the eye patch costume (I think she looks disinterested, but I could see if someone argued her as irritated).

This article mentions you can wager costume unlock points in spectate mode, I have no further comment about it but I thought it was interesting.


That’s a lot of characters spots, can’t wait to see the full cast

I bet the 14 will be the core cast and the rest are unlockable (or dlc meh).


Hope they add KOF girls not in KOF14 as well


29 waifus, SNK STAHP


I hope Shermie nad Lien Neville are in!


Shiki please.


I could see the case being

Initial 14

  1. Mai
  2. Athena
  3. Kula
  4. Yuri
  5. Leona
  6. Alice
  7. Luong
  8. Zarina
  9. King
  10. Mian
  11. Sylvie
  12. Nakoruru
  13. Mui Mui
  14. Love Heart

15. Angel
16. Whip
17. Vanessa
18. Mature
19. Vice
20. Blue Mary
21. Hinako
22. Najd
23. Hotaru
24. Rimururu
25. Fio
26. B.Jenet
27. Lilly Kane
28. Mars People
29. Miss X

These guesses mix from simply adding current & potential future KOF 14 Girls, characters who were in the comic this game is based on, & random guesses

It would be interesting if there was a KOF male character with a drag queen persona (Ms.X is just Iori cross dressing)




If B. Jenet gets in I might actually have to play this for the lols a bit