SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy


Leona’s face in the alternate costumes seems to always be: “Fine, whatever…”


I daresay that Leona could be as unfaze as she is is thanked to Ralf & Clark B)


Further accentuating that this is clearly intended to be more of a party game than a straight up fighter, there are no lows or cross-ups in this game


So this game cannot be played on an arcade stick as some functionality is tied to the right analog stick. With that news, I’m out! I can’t, for the life of me, play fighting games on pad. I’m not the coordinated.


The next character is confirmed to be a grappler not in KOF14. I think it’ll be either Hinako or Blue Mary


Well thankfully I prefer controller pads so this doesn’t bother me one bit. However, I do feel kinda bad for the arcade stick users.


I just saw this earlier. I had the limited edition pre-ordered for PS4 so that I could have it in physical and play with my arcade stick but just canceled that in favor of picking up the physical Switch version. If I have to play on a pad then I might as well have it portable.


So their games are still in planning stage and has not entered development yet, but if some of them are non-fg then i’m in. And according to previous post, this here isn’t exactly a “fg” either so that’s even better for me to try it out :smiley:


Another “new” interview:

EDIT: Another one from Nintendoeverything, man, SNK really want to go for it with the Switch, aren’t they? Aside from the usual questions and non-answer, it basically said that there will be more games on the console, which is a no-brainer (here hoping it’s not just old ports) and gameplay element that one won’t find in other titles, can be used in future games, which SNK’d also done in the past.


well to them, Switch is equivalent to how they made it big in places like South America, there was little competition and not much selection of inspiring arcade games to play, so they sent tons of neo geo arcade units over there and SNK games became really popular and well known in those arcade places. so they are just taking advantage of Switch since Switch naturally has weak 3rd party support and its pathetic selection of games becomes more apparent as people realize most 3rd party developers are preferring PS4 and other platforms, they have a small selection of games to play, and most of them are cheap with spending, so Neo Geo games selling for a couple of dollars on Switch is a great deal for Switch only owners.

it really doesnt mean Switch consumers are seeking SNK games, but rather, they don’t have much of a selection of games in the first place, and most of them missed out on Neo Geo gaming so much of it is new to them. so SNK is capitalizing on that while the competition is small on that platform. though it is nice they aren’t abandoning Sony and Xbox consoles, which have gamers that want more SNK games too.

though expecting KOF XV on Switch without limiting its graphics and ambitions, would be foolish on SNK’s part. KOFXIV had lukewarm reception on PS4, KOFXV should not look worse than KOFXIV. Switch cannot handle KOFXIV graphics and Switch online is below the standards, and if they want KOF to be more marketable in PS4 market where they can profit more, they gotta keep production values rising instead of dropping or being stagnant.


I’m going to hop in here and disagree with almost everything Affinity is stating.

I have a Switch and had a PS4. When I first got my Switch, I ran a ton of tests with it against PS4. With both systems plugged into the same router, the Switch regularly has faster download and upload speeds; in fact, it usually doubled the PS4’s speed. The PS4 reported speeds roughly half of my service - 25mb down/4 upload; the Switch gets 48 down/ 20 up. My plan is 50 down/25 up. It seems to me that Switch games can potentially handle online play as well as PS4. I should also note that my PS3 routinely gets better speeds than the PS4 I had.

The Switch’s library is pretty large with more than 400 games. It is lacking online-enabled fighting games. Ultra SFII is a cool game but Capcom really screwed up the online on that title. I’m burned out on Pokken but the online play is damned good. Sure, Switch doesn’t get much AAA support but indies regularly sell better on Switch than any other platform. Several games sold more on Switch than PS4 and PC combined. This is important because, in all honesty, SNK is closer to an indie dev than a AAA publisher. They really only have KOF and their back catalog. Even Capcom has more thanks to Monster Hunter and Resident Evil. When one considers the popularity of Switch in Japan and abroad, it makes sense for them to focus on both consoles. Xbox is a non-entity in Japan and lags very far behind in the west as well, so developing for that platform doesn’t make sense for a smaller company like SNK.

My final point is technology vs art direction in graphics. There’s a reason that some games look better over time than others and it’s art direction. I would argue that the art direction is more important than technology when it comes to graphics. Art direction is why Tatsunoko vs Capcom arguably looks better than Street Fighter IV despite being developed for a standard definition platform. It’s also why the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games on PS3 look damn near as good as the PS4 titles. KOF XIV suffers from poor art direction. The character models are okay but lack personality and life, especially when compared to KOX XIII. KOF doesn’t need more polygons; it needs better design - characters who exude cool and personality as is the series’ history.

Back on topic: I’m still waiting on more information on the mechanics of SNK Heroines. On NintendoLife, there’s an interview that states the game can be played with a single Joycon. SNK’s messaging has gotten very confusing. If the game can be played with a single Joycon, it should be playable with an arcade stick.


I’m sure SNK said it somewhere they’re considering it, not particularly about the controls but more about striving to have something for both sides of the casuals and the old-timers. And about KOF, it already has tons of cool chars, which is why i think they wanted to go for different things this time with XIV, which didn’t bother me much if what they really wanted is re-focusing on the veterans that only kinda there for the status quo, like K’ and go deeper and expand on them more. Also, to me, KOF itself is a big project, and SNK, being as they are now, cannot handle it, experience aside, they didn’t have enough manpower nor the time nor the money to simply pull it off on their first try, as proven with XIV. SNK’s Heroines being a much more smaller project suits their current condition more.


Looks like Momoko, Malin, & Ninon Beart will be added


I think the cast will end up being something like this

  1. Kula
  2. Athena
  3. Mai
  4. Leona
  5. Yuri
  6. Nakoruru
  7. Momoko
  8. Malin
  9. Ninon Beart
  10. Mui Mui
  11. Love Heart
  12. Mian
  13. Zarina
  14. Sylvie
  15. King
  16. Luong
  17. Alice
  18. Angel
  19. Blue Mary
  20. Whip
  21. Rimururu
  22. Hotaru
  23. B.Jenet
  24. Kasumi
  25. Hinako
  26. May Lee
  27. Shermie
  28. Mignon Beart
  29. Mars People


I take that the next char could also be revealed?


2 more hours until the expected next character reveal

Though with the game coming out this summer, hopefully it’ll be more then 1 reveal



Did someone say Shermie? Cause I thought I heard someone say Shermie.



Now give me Angel as well in this game!


It’s been a roller coaster ride following this game. I’m now on the super excited side! I want to see this new vision of what a fighting game can be. The genre has adhered to the trappings of its 90s origins and rarely has such a radical reworking been attempted. I’ll pack away my arcade stick and pick up the joy cons to test it out.