SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy


Now when only 5 characters left to reveal can anyone guess who them gonna be?


Mui Mui leaked.


I’d say it was more than Mui Mui who was leaked since the trophies have one for completing the game as Terry.


@Monkey66 what about Natsume and kasumi (ninja masters), Janne (world heroes), benten, chichi-nene, seena, igret and eelis (Ragnagard), Miyuki (fight fever), Cathy (top hunter) angel (ceramic arms) and lulu (lightning eyes) (shock troopers 2nd squad) milky, Marie bee and big mama (shock troopers), akari ichijo and kaori sanada (last Blade), rera, Charlotte Christine colde, mizuki rashojin and Mina majikina (samurai shodown), kagerow (ninja combat) and rayar (ninja commando) and kaoru watabe? Even Kurenai and Okuni (Sengoku 3), Asayuki Kizuyomina, Leefa Chao, Naomi and Kaoru Yamazaki (Blazing Star/Pulstar), Sprites, Queen Memory, Load Ran, Dark Ran, Meirin, Macky and Pentell, Really Ries, Friesia Rosemary, Really Till, Retam and Merry, Tenjin Mikoto Time Buttermitt, Tinker and Linker, Yan Yanyang and Soran (Twinkle Star Sprites).


Mui Mui officialy announced.




New screenshots:


Anyone who attended Evo have a chance to play this game? I’m on the fence and was curious.


It was fun. Very simple, but fun. Two attack buttons, a special button, and throw button. There’s a block (shield) button, tag, and item as well. You can basically auto combo into special and use items to disrupt your opponent until they are low enough in life to finish them


Did it run well on Switch?


Forgive me, this is gonna be fairly train of thought so I can get something out. I spent a good amount of time labbing this game at evo.

First, a rundown of the controls, (since I don’t remember Switch buttons, I’ll use the PlayStation equivalents) square is light attack, triangle is heavy attack, circle is for specials (pressing a direction changes the special used)(I’ll be abbreviating these as L, H, & S respectively beyond this), x throws, L1 blocks, R1 is for super (requires four bars) R2 tags (tags can be done on grounded non-super, non-throw attacks that connect, on hit or on block, not certain about projectiles), lastly the right stick uses items (hitting the golden spheres around the stage gives you a random item but does not overwrite your current item, most of the time, more on this later). Beyond this you have runs (double tap forward on the ground), back dashes (double tap back on the ground), air dashes (double tap back or forwards in the air), rolls (press back or forwards while holding block), guard cancel rolls (tap a direction while blocking, uses meter (I think 1 bar but I’m not certain)), aerial evasion (tap block in mid air). Guard can be broken (blocking uses some meter, if you run out guard breaks and you end up stunned) and if your character has a launching attack (typically close H) you are able to jump cancel (allowing for fairly safe pressure for numerous characters).

Now that the basics are written down, lets discuss combos for a bit. I didn’t try all the characters (I played alot of Sylvie and Shermie for reasons I’ll get to later) but everyone I did play had LLLS as a basic string and many can use a different specials and/or continue combos from there. Other options are LLH (most cause wall bounce) and LH (many launch) (Mai doesn’t have an LLH, her LL makes her airborne but her LH launches and as mentioned before launchers can be jump cancelled). I haven’t found any H attacks in strings that can be special cancelled and only some specials can be super cancelled (Shermie’s f+S for example can be cancelled but not her neutral S). I was still learning tagging mid combo shenanigans but here’s an example of a Zarina starter: LLLS (neutral S is the handstand kick), juggle with d+S (Zarina’s AA), far H, tag into partner damage.

To finish a match a super has to hit a character in the last bar of health, I will state again it has to hit, you can survive and punish a blocked super. When your health drops to one bar or lower, you are given a SP item that overwrites anything you may currently have, SP is partner dependant as it will use an attack based on who you have in the background (for instance using SP with Kula as support does an attack that can freeze the opponent, while Leona’s is a giant Baltic launcher (her b~f+p in KOF) set at the opponents position) Because the game allows for item usage while being attacked, many Items become good combo breakers while the daimon item is a great way to open up the opponent by doing a string that puts you airborne and use the item while your opponent is in block stun and you are off the ground (it causes an earthquake that knocks down and stuns any player on the ground). Items can also be somewhat aimed using the stick (back puts many items behind you, while forward puts them behind the opponent, and down seems to aim at their position).

Since meter is needed for so much in the game, meter management is fairly important. if you run out of meter you can still perform special attacks but they lose numerous properties and often leave you unsafe even on hit. Tagging mid string (remember you can tag on block to make certain strings safe, it also freaks people out and they forget to try to break throws) spends a bit of the incoming characters meter, so keep that in mind.

On a side note Ogura is supposed to make an art for the characters that had the most wins over the course of the event (booth staff were counting the amount of times each character was in a winning team) my two picks were Sylvie and Shermie. Terry was a shoe in and she ended up with 240 while the next runner up at that time was Leona with something like 114. I realized Sylvie was just not going to happen as not enough players were playing her, but Shermie was third at the time with 112, the other two in real contention being Mai and Kula also in the hundred something range. So I didn’t play any Leona, and very limited Mai and Kula, typically picking Shermie as the partner so if I won it would still count toward Shermie. I don’t know the final count but the standings when I left Shermie was 2nd place.

I think the game is deeper than first glance, sort of like DBFZ, unfortunately some of the depth suffers from item randomization and this game is far less likely to be given a chance to discover the depth due to the aesthetic choices. Using a stick to play will be slightly at a disadvantage as you’ll have less item control (I played on single joycon a few times and item was set to flicking the control as well as always aiming at the opponents current position, also setting 8 buttons to in a stick configuration may take time to find a comfortable setup) but I have a much easier time with IADs on stick. Hope this run down (filled with non-sequiturs) give you a better idea of how the game plays as well as some strategies to use should you decide to pick it up.


Thanks for those details! You’ve done more to hype me for this game than SNK has. They owe you a commission, for sure.

I’m really fascinated by simplified fighting games. Persona 4 Arena started it and Cross Tag has cemented it. It seems that SNK Heroines will keep the streak alive. To be fair, SFII is pretty simple by current standards.

No one here has noted the Switch version being poor quality so I’m on. Some dude on Twitter was ranting that the Switch version so I was a bit concerned.


simple is good because unless you have alot of free time on your hands or really a lab tech nut…no one wants to spend a thousand hours learning combos in training mode.
its one of the biggest deterrents keeping people away from getting into a fighter.
thats why SF2 was huge. very simple pick up and play means alotta heads around your cabinet. its why guilty gear and games like it ended up niche.


That’s very true. KoFXIV really leaned into technical Maxmode combos and wasn’t much more complicated to achieve even a decent level of skill. It still baffles me when people talk about how hard SFII is to learn.


On one hand I’m upset when companies advertise DLC before a game releases, on the other hand the amount of characters as well as the character select screen made it seem inevitable that DLC was coming. Either way they just announced the first DLC character for SNK Heroines is a Square Enix character…

I think the things that stand out most (both positive and negative) to me are double jump, air special with some hang time (note the mid combo item thrown by the background Arthur), the Ibuki knock off super (still looks cool but you can practically overlay them), and lastly that thief Arthur only has one costume on display (I’m hoping for more to fit with the rest of the cast but I don’t want DLC costumes on top of DLC character costs)


Still the roster is mostly reused assets from KOFXIV

They could’ve at least made some characters from other SNK IPs


They`re teasing a new guest character


Probably someone from dead or alive. Would make sense given Mai was in DOA. Would also be cool if someone from Tekken due to Geese swap over. Anna williams would be sick.

Blaze from streets of rage would also be awesome. Imagine its Sonya Bladr though!!!


From the silhouette, as well as the fact that Terry is in Fighting EX layer, I’m guessing that it’s a female Skullomania.


Oh forgot SNK was trading with Arika. Hopefully it’s Pullum Purna in that case although to me the sillohette looks like the red head chick with gun, forget the name


Do you mean Sharon? I think her hairstyle disqualifies her (despite being short she does have hair that rises off her head)


It’s plausible but doesn’t seem to match enough for me (but we’ll see).

It’s gonna be Dural with clothes. But seriously, lack of visible hair style is itself very distinctive, for a large number of characters their hair style is a major feature of their design. The silhouette suggests either a full head mask like Skullo’s, a bald female, head form fitting hair, or perhaps a low tight ponytail just out of sight due to head positioning. And now to throw out someone less likely then Dural but still somewhat matching the silhouette, it’s Gwenpool (Marvel left Capcom for SNK, conspiracy theory activate).


All SNK Heroines endings playlist:

Story Mode cutscenes: