SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy


That cameo in Luong’s ending. I wonder if Hotaru will make it in as DLC now

Sir Mix-a-lot


yo whats going on with psn store not having this yet?


SNK Heroines Complete Original Soundtrack playlist:

All the Prologue dialogues:

All the Boss Scenes Dialogues:

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The price still turns me off.


Thief Arthur ending:

All Thief Arthur voices:

Thief Arthur Prologue:

Thief Arthur Boss Scene:

Thief Arthur Mid-Cutscenes:

Thief Arthur Theme 1 - Bravery Flame (Arcana Blood Remix):

Thief Arthur Theme 2 - Combat Exercise (Arcana Blood Remix):


SNK Heroines credits suggest new guest DLC from Arika


That’s not exactly new. They hinted at a new guest some time ago.

In any case, it seems that a known leaker has confirmed it as female Skullomania.


Well, “Skullolady” was mentioned in the ending of Skullomania in SFEX3. Maybe not a transformation like Terry but a totally new character?


Nope, Skullomania.


Skullo Mania theme song in SNK Heroines:

Skullo Mania Ending:

Skullo Mania Mid-Cutscene Dialogues:

Skullo Mania Prologue Dialogue:

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New DLC coming, probably Miss X:



MissX Theme:

MissX Customize Mode Theme:

MissX Ending:

MissX Mid-Cutscene Dialogues:

MissX Prologue Dialogues:

MissX Boss Scene Dialogues:

MissX Voice Clips:



Suprised this game doesnt have any last blade characters. Also would like to see Sinclair from AOF3


Jeanne D’Arc theme song in SNK Heroines:

Jeanne Ending:

Customize Mode Theme Song:

Prologue Dialogue:

Boss Scene Dialogue:

Mid-Cutscenes Dialogues:

Voice Clips: