SNK in the armed forces?!

I just enlisted in the U.S. Navy today. I just returned from MEPS (Military Enlistment Processing Station)which is where you get your military physical and pick your job…basically hell on earth. I went into the lounge while i was waiting to be called into the Navy liason, and on the big screen they had SNK 2 on dreamcast with 2 sticks man! There was some hardcore competition and money matches going on too…i couldnt believe my eyes.

I stepped in and did a lot of owning with my C-Iori/Sagat/Ken(R2) team too. But like 2 Navy Chiefs said that SNK was a major passtime on boats and they take it pretty seriously depending on the boat you’re put on.

Who would have thought it?

Hmm wow really? I have a cousin who’s in the Navy. I’ll have to ask him about this. He told me the Navy has a recreational center that has a ton of Xboxes, PS2s and Gamecubes and even more games but no fighting games.

A lot of people in the military play games… myself included. Most of the sailors I know play Tekken competitively, a few other soldiers and marines I know play CVS2 with me.