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NGBC2 next SNK project

List character in japanese

Info:Plot about Hacker that wants to get all Neo Geo characters data to become invincible God. In the last boss fight he has a moveset based in lot of characters from the game
Iori,Geese,Nakoruru can activate special that transform them in EX ver like Wild Iori,Geese Nightmare,Rera
Ralph,Clark,Athena and Kensu wear costumes from origin series
Game still in early development and graphic will have cell shading

Nice Source.

It says Neo Dio. That’s good enough for me! :smiley:

Super trustworthy.

I love SNK!!! King of Fighters is my ***! I’m still waiting for the next sequel to arrive. After playing KOFXIV, I’m ready for more. I’m surprised they haven’t made any official news about KOFXV yet.

What is there to be surprised about? This isn’t the 90’s where they do yearly releases.
2003 -> XI took 2 years. XI -> XIII took 5 years, XIII -> XIV took 6 years.

First SNK please update the kof official website.

A ngbc2 dose sounds good, But the gameplay of the first one wasnt really that great.

they should expand it to 3 vs 3 teams.

guess they are going cel shading for affordable and easier to market graphics

I dunno. crossovers always lack a lot of favorites. it’s like multiple series, but master of none, and its less well rounded than KOF cause NGBC covers a lot more franchises and over the top with the types of characters that participate.

hey that’s awesome that Yuki and Ai return!! though they should add Shin and Kei from Card Fighters Clash too.

ngbc: yuuki ,ai
new: 深刻なオタク (serious otaku), 魅惑的な女性 (alluring woman)
kof: kyo, iori
garou: terry, rock, andy, mai, geese, krauser
aof: mr karate 2, robert, mr big, john crawley
ss: haohmaru, genjuro, nakoruru, rimururu
lb: kaede, moriya
ms: marco, fio, fu’un
ke: sho hayate, im sue il
wh: hanzo, fuuma
ikari: ralf, clark
ps: athena, kensou
gangan: joe kusanagi, kisarah westfield
bosses 1: goodman, mizuchi, mars people, morden, shishi-oh, jyazu, neo dio, geegus
bosses 2: 天オハッカー (??? sky/heaven hacker?), ハッカー アシスタント (hacker assistant)
bosses 3: 天オハッカー 「より強力バーション」 heaven hacker powerful version?

why would they add Rimururu over someone like Cham Cham? Cham Cham is the Felicia of SNK.
and it’s insane if they don’t include Akari and Hibiki at least through DLC.

They’re trying to please their fans from 1997

I wish. It’s really weird they stopped at KOFXII of all things.

As for the “leaks” I don’t trust a list of a SNK crossover game without Kim Kaphwan.

X is the Y of SNK.

They’re their own thing, also the leak is fake based on the roster alone.

Kim is pretty much the 2nd most popular FF character or at least has the 2nd highest fanbase, he’s never missed a KOF title, been in every FF game other than FF3, he made a cameo appearance in MOTW and he never misses a crossover.

That’s like not including Iori, yes Kim is that big a deal. He was also very enjoyable to play in NGBC. The roster is as trash as MVCI, if the roster is that bad the game will flop. The roster looks fanmade and fans are the worst when it comes to stuff like this, wish lists for XV and NGBC2 are always a retarded mess.

For example

Iori,Geese,Nakoruru can activate special that transform them in EX ver like Wild Iori,Geese Nightmare,Rera

The edge.

garou: terry, rock, andy, mai, geese,* krauser***

Fucking Andy. The sidekick SNK doesn’t care about.

SNK has such an Amazing PLETHORA of characters to choose from, Only 1-2 for each franchise seems like a wasted opportunity.

MVCI’s roster was trully and abomination and NGBC2’S rostar is 20x better, Kim’s popularity is undeniable but he’s still not the face of hes own franchise.
And btw no BORIKI 1??.

it’s not missing Kim, it’s just got Kim Sue Il instead. they wouldn’t put both in.

if this is true, my hype levels are off the charts. NGBC Robert is one of my favorite characters in fighting games, holy shit. love the first game.

So I saw the post on the home page and stuff but where did the rumor start? I am hype too lol hope its real

More “leaks”, this time from 4chan

Discard this, only info is these in this topic. Someone is taking advantage and giving wrong info. Please, game is in very early development.

Elta!?? from Magician Lord? Oh God i would kill for him.

And there’s more

Were calling it v trigger like sfv and not HD activation? lol hope all this info is true but who knows