SNK New Project


X is the Y of SNK.

They’re their own thing, also the leak is fake based on the roster alone.

Kim is pretty much the 2nd most popular FF character or at least has the 2nd highest fanbase, he’s never missed a KOF title, been in every FF game other than FF3, he made a cameo appearance in MOTW and he never misses a crossover.

That’s like not including Iori, yes Kim is that big a deal. He was also very enjoyable to play in NGBC. The roster is as trash as MVCI, if the roster is that bad the game will flop. The roster looks fanmade and fans are the worst when it comes to stuff like this, wish lists for XV and NGBC2 are always a retarded mess.

For example

Iori,Geese,Nakoruru can activate special that transform them in EX ver like Wild Iori,Geese Nightmare,Rera

The edge.

garou: terry, rock, andy, mai, geese,* krauser***

Fucking Andy. The sidekick SNK doesn’t care about.


SNK has such an Amazing PLETHORA of characters to choose from, Only 1-2 for each franchise seems like a wasted opportunity.


MVCI’s roster was trully and abomination and NGBC2’S rostar is 20x better, Kim’s popularity is undeniable but he’s still not the face of hes own franchise.
And btw no BORIKI 1??.


it’s not missing Kim, it’s just got Kim Sue Il instead. they wouldn’t put both in.

if this is true, my hype levels are off the charts. NGBC Robert is one of my favorite characters in fighting games, holy shit. love the first game.



So I saw the post on the home page and stuff but where did the rumor start? I am hype too lol hope its real


More “leaks”, this time from 4chan


Discard this, only info is these in this topic. Someone is taking advantage and giving wrong info. Please, game is in very early development.


Elta!?? from Magician Lord? Oh God i would kill for him.


And there’s more


Were calling it v trigger like sfv and not HD activation? lol hope all this info is true but who knows


It would make more sense to call it V-Trigger if they’re power up modes rather than combo tools primarily. Iori changing to Orochi Iori for instance changes his character and what he can do, it does not give combo options.


What? Haha, I don’t need to prove anything to anyone, if it wasn’t me giving news about this game development this person wouldn’t be trolling with fake info.Let’s wait until PSX then,NGBC2 presentation there will be big surprise,even for me.I hope that person doesn’t say that presentation got misteriously cancelled later :slight_smile:


What other info you can share with us? Also what’s that Neo Shocking Engine?!


Nothing by now. About “Neo Shock Engine” he might be talking about 3D engine that SNK works, but there’s no official name for it, just something made up


Beef between leakers?


I see, you said that the game uses cel shading technique, and the game somehow looks like GGxrd and the new DBZ, which I find it amazing, but the leaker said the game looks like J Stars Victory on PS3 or Vita, can you give us more details about the graphics?!


this shit got me so pumped @_@


Kain and Grant would be dope, but seriously no Mudman no buy T___T


I want to believe!!