SNK News: North America gets more games, high - res Garou Sequel?


Sony relaxing no-2D policy == awesome.

The rest sounds really good, except for the SNK and Capcom stuff. Oh well, it was mostly good while it lasted.


This makes me happy.

I fuckin told niggas this shit. “With the ps3 coming out the ps2 will most likely start getting alot of 2d fighters.” I said that or something similar to it a while ago and turns out I’m right.

Here, damn. Calm down.

Thank you.

We’re out of milk right now, but I think Million just left to get some. Hope he remembers to get my Snyders Of Hanover Pretzel Nuggets…

Good shit if that actually does happen, maybe then more people will know the goodness that is Garou.

Guarantee you the KOF for the PS3 will be 3D.

kof xtream beach volleyball

I don’t know if next - gen could handle the amount of bounce that game would require.

Angel, Shermie and Mai on one team would cripple either a 360 or PS3 and bring slowdown never before seen on consoles.

snk girls>>>>>>>doa girls

I am glade I did not spend extra money for importing them.


A dream come true if they include ONLINE PLAY!!!

They had me at “high res follow up to garou” and “PS2 North America port of Garou”. This is the best news the SNK community has had in a long time…thank you SNK.

hopefully, the US port of Garou is AT LEAST as good as the JP port. I wish it was 100% perfect, but the JP version was pretty nice, so I’ll be happy.

I hope Card Fighters Clash for DS does EXTREMELY well…hopefully that would be incentive for Capcom to renew the crossover contract so the series can continue.

If it’s even 75% as good as the Neo Geo Pocket games it will still be pretty good. Every SRKer with a DS should pre-order it, post haste.

So I should expect a MOTW Special in the future, I wonder if they will add in more characters? Hopefully from the Fatal Fury series and not from KOF, I am tired of seeing a version of Kyo or Iori being secret characters in games.

All I want is KOF XI and NGBC to come out in the U.S. with online play. Is that too much to ask? :sad:

No shit. Finally an arcade perfect (hopefully) port of Garou for the PS2 released in NA.

Cmon. We all want to see SNK girls WITH (yeah…with) DOA girls. Whose are bigger? Shermie or Tina?

SNK is god now.

I think Mai is bigger then both though…