SNK players and fans, Guardcrush needs your support!

If SRK has taught me one thing, it’s that there’s a bright future for any gaming community if it’s full of hardcore POSERS. Not to be disrepectful. But I doubt there are little more than a handful of guys who don’t partake in these things because of failed social lives.

Nobody cares enough to talk strats either way.

Maybe you don’t care, but you don’t have to shit on the thread with your negativity.

Well the excuse of the games not being localized on a console is just that, an excuse.

The Guilty Gear community for the most part, is an import community. Sure they had releases in the past (as did SNK), but all their most updated revisions have been import only (PS2 #R [c’mon we know no cares about the Xbox #R] and Slash). While facing that obstacle, they still get over that and continue to build around their community.

And while the newer SNK games have not been localized for consoles on this side of the pacific, said SNK games are at arcades here (well the arcades that are left anyway).

Excuses and laziness only bring the genre down.

What’s with you in making assumptions? Calm the fuck down.
For starters, I’m not being negative. I’m being realistic. There’s no use supporting a genre if the “supporters” aren’t up for contributing anything. Secondly, I’m one in a few who sees how counterproductive these sites really are. I haven’t had a semi-decent fighting game discussion anywhere in years. Third, if I didn’t care, I wouldn’t post.

You need to give incentive for any significant changes to happen, provided that anybody still cares. And even then, there’s no guarantee that people will respond to your efforts. That’s not just the case with SNK games. SFA3 gets praise, but has yet to resurface. And I don’t see anyone making a big fuss over Fist of the North Star either.

I just wrote up a dhwan basics faq. Feel free to visit it on guardcrush and rip it to pieces.

We’ve got an oracle on our hands.

Really, there’s no point in arguing against someone who merely wants to gather fans of particular games together for conversation. If you don’t think that’s productive, or that it somehow hurts gamers by being counterproductive (I’m trying to figure that one out), you’re options are really a simple as it gets. Either you decide to go to take part, or you don’t, I’m not quite understanding the point in arguing about it, on a forum which you yourself have claimed fails to give any good discussion.

Basically your arguements to this point would make one wonder why you even decided to post in a fighting game forum full of those with failed social lives.

Though I suppose I give to much musings to the dynamic nature of man in the face of contridicting himself.

GuardCrush.Net is actually a decent forum. I like SNK games too, although i haven’t really gotten too in depth with most of them. It’s a shame, but i’ll definitely give it a chance.

Fuck the hate. I’m sick of hearing people bash SNK for no fuckin reason. Nowadays people just like to hate on SNK, like it’s the “in” thing to do or something. Those are the real POSERS.

I don’t intend to start a flame war, but the fighting game community doesn’t need anymore ‘SNK vs Capcom’ arguments. It makes me sick. If you don’t like something–just shut up and don’t play it.

/end rant

I’m not too confident about Guardcrush’s future, but I’m not bashing it in anyway. Maybe it is a good site. It’s only a question of whether or not its usefulness is acknowledged.

By discussion, I meant strategy talk, nothing more. That does not include personal bias or skewing of information, both of which I’ve seen too much of.

My comments weren’t directed at anyone. You can take it as you will, tampering with its real meaning and using it against me all you like. That’s just typical of most SRKers, and a huge part of why having a reasonable debate here is futile.

I don’t expect you to know what I meant by the “posers” remark, but…

What the HELL are you talking about?

I am nothing if not reasonable, my response was in direct response to what you have posted. Really if anything any misunderstanding would be because of the general intuitiveless nature of textual conversation, where ones tone can only be surmised through how they word things. So I responded to your words, which seemingly contridict your intent, which as I just mentioned is hard to discern without the candor of face to face conversation.

Personal bias and skewing is what comes with any forum atmosphere, you cannot escape it. If you gather a lot of people together to talk about any one thing they all have their own personal view that they bring to the table, so some bias is inherent regardless.

Having a reasonable debate is easy, if you are willing to come to the table without malice, and to be able to take opposing views into consideration and realize that they are made with no malicious intent. You began your arguement by bringing into light your personal skewed view of the membership of many gaming boards (i.e. no social life), and went on to dismiss my views as “typical SRKers”, in fact for reasonable debate you’d usually attempt to refute conversation with your own points rather than dimiss them. (You only served to clarify your initial point, before dismissing any arguements as “typical” or I would assume skewed in your perspective.)

Basically, if you act reasonably, you get reasonably conversation, if you come to the table and begin by disparaging the people taking part in conversation, you should not be surprised if the response is less than “reasonable.”

Damn right thats my fucking point…quoted for truth…Too Good…“Lets join the bandwagon hate” and “I dont play the SNK games bc I dont wanna be frowned upon by my friends and I am afraid of actually liking it…”…it’s kinda snobby…“I play higher class games than you do”…Snobby BS…:annoy:

Too many people(in my area) have disrespected them calling them “Shitty Games” only to have me bitchslap them (Amakusa Style hahahahh!!!:rofl:) in that game and then they shut the fuck up bc they think they are Gods greatest gifts just bc they play the MOFO Big three/EVO Games…"oooh bc we play those games we can surely beat some SNker…some “shitty game” I say F.U.

Whoopty freaking doo…:rolleyes: (You want a cookie just bc you play 3s, CVS2, and the big three and thats like ALL YOU PLAY and you still aint that good at it???)

How to handle the bandwagon hate- Just beat their asses in the games they play "Cough Big Three’ AND YOUR GAMES and then they SHUT THE FUCK UP…

Put them in their place…works for me…All is silent now…:rofl:

Bc these new breed SNK haters are too close minded…so that is how you shut their asses up FAST. Put a foot up their asses like Major Payne…one that’ll go so far it’ll “Quench Their Thirsts”

Now I aint saynig everyone that doesnt like SNK games is that way…but I’ve come across some “elitist types” on this site as well as in my area that totally define what Strider and I are talking about…it may not pertain to you though Kataklysmic.


I’m already there. Great site, but Dark Geese is the only one posting (at least in the SSTenka forums). :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I could contribute more though. I still have yet to get my hands on SSTenka, far less find someone to play against. :frowning: