OK guys the time is here, the time to start this revolution and show what the SNK scene is in the US. As most of you know we will be having tournaments in the lounging area. We have a couple of people coming from Japan and London so lets show them some good stuff.

This is a call to regroup everybody that said they could bring stuff like AES CARTS AND SYSTEMS to confirmed if you are bringing them. We need all the help we can get and to do this we are counting on some of you to make this happen. Remember some tournaments may not hapen if we dont get the games from people who already said they were going to bring them.

Loveless, Accord, Terry fanatic, and all of you guys we need to heare from you guys again, come on guys lets make this happen.:cool:

I was supposed to go this year to Evo, but I can’t make it, I’l miss that good snk stuff, anyways, can any of you guys record some good matches, maybe next year or sooner we can play.

TY in advice!

Just making sure. This is the BYOC room, where we’d be required to pay $20 entrance, right?

I’ll still be bringing everything I got.
So yeah, let’s have some serious fun.
Btw, any chance we could relocate to another place other than BYOC…if BYOC is indeed the lounge area?
Maybe we can put up a sign.

We have thought of relocaiting but is kind of late plus we dont know where. If you have any ideas feel free to let me know.

As of now it is steel taking place at the BYOC (lounge are) and will get charge $20 if you are not playing in any official tournaments.

Also will be recording footage of matches, finals, and extra stuff so you guys can see the players.

Thanks terry for bringing your stuff BTW can you remind me of what was it.

Here is the schedule as of know:

12-2pm: Sing ups and casual play
2-4: KOF 02
4-6:KOF 03
6-?:SVC Chaos

TEAM TOURNAMENTS we have not decided because we dont know how many teams will have but if we have enough will surely have them

Umm what day?


The day is 7/30/2004 Friday at noon. (THIS friday!)

Location is Cal Poly Pomona’s BYOC Lounge Area:
3801 West Temple Avenue
Pomona, California 91768

This event has gone gold and there will be GOOD SNK COMPETITION with DVDs available later of the matches. So please come and play to represent the American SNK players.

I did not include the $20 fee in the posters so we somehow must remedy that. I’ll be emailing those who registered via emailing but for the others…word of mouth?

Stuff I’ll be bringing:

  1. Dreamcast: KOF 98, KOF 2002, Garou MOTW, Last Blade 2, KOF 99, KOF 2000, KOF 2001, DC console, one controller, one PS2 to DC converter
  2. PS2: SVC Chaos, PS2 console, one controller (possibly 2)

Things we still need:

  1. 1 DC Arcade Stick (MAS or otherwise)
  2. 1 DC or Saturn or PS2 Arcade Stick (MAS or otherwise- I have a converter)

BASICALLY bring everything DC, PS2, and AES related that you all got and plz help out. =) Thank you very much.

Also here is the list of what console will be used for what game:

  1. 98,02,03,SVC, and SS2 on Neo Geo AES
  2. Garou on DC
  3. SSO we can use the arcade down stairs

So if you happen to have Samurai Shodown 5 Special/Samurai Shodown 5, and/or Garou Mark of the Wolves for Neo Geo AES then please bring them to the tournament. Hell if you have them for MVS and got the set up with supergun then that’s cool too.

edit: Apparently we need TVs too so don’t forget that everyone!

Don’t forget to bring the extra TVs!

yeah you guys need to bring your own tvs for your events.

Does this mean we don’t know when Garou is going to be? Also, are we not having 98 anymore? How late is this event going up to?

We’re not sure how long the event will be but we’ll make sure to include all the games like 98, Garou, Samshos etc. So please don’t worry. We’ll be there for as long as it takes.

I suppose there’s no prayer that some of these tournaments could be run simulataneously is there?


Can any of you guys keep informed by posting about the SnK results…teams/chars used will be nice to know too.

Again, TY in Advice!

All tournaments will be held as said by Teery but still dont know what time and how long will this event take. Also some of the tournamets might be run simultaniously.

Will be recording matches and later making a DVD.

See all of you there.

Thanks Terry for bringing your stuff, also if you have a TV that you can bring that will be awesome, I might only be able to bring 2.

As some of you might know I got fucked over at the airport. I hope things went well, best of luck guys.

Hows the snk tourney doing? any updates? sorry, I am still out of the country.

Uh, no updates on J-wong vs K-force? I guess the only reason why there hasnt been a post by K4 is because they lost? But i’ll give it a benefit of the doubt that the shit didnt go down yet.

Quick Update:

The Revolution was a success. Overall, there were 60 participants and four different games played.

King of Fighters 2k3, King of Fighters 2k2, King of Fighters 98, and Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

More details later, thanks everyone for playing!

Good shit. Too bad no Sam Shos got loved, maybe next time. Good to know they got 60 people though…that’s as much as fucking VF4 got last year in an official tourney.