SNK @ Showdown Championships- Who would be interested?

Okay I have been trying to get a hold of MyCah Leonhart but to no avail because I know he’d be up for hosting this but since I wanna get on the ball whow ould be interested in me running some SNK tournies (UnOfficial that is) at Showdown Championships?

Like you know in the spirit of TS6 and other tournies-


And others you name it I wanna make this happen but I do need feedback and someone else that would be willing to host it and I would help pay for the venue etc in Houston so we can make this happen! If any of you Houston peeps can get a hold of Mycah PLEASE PLEASE direct him my way!!!

-Dark Geese

I would get owned but I’d be down for playing some XI, maybe some SST if fubar will teach me the game lol.

Excellent we at least got one post!!!

Its surely a start!

EDIT- You telling me this is it?? Theres gotta be a group of people in Houston that at least plays these games correct???

I know there is…this will probably be in the Hilton because we are all thinking about chipping in for a hotel…

Better bring that double dragon!!!

Yo’ Justin are you gonna be there dude??? I am bringing the Double Dragon because I do want to learn this damn Abubo after seeing your boy Infinite do some shit with him lol. :rofl:

You gonna be there man???

haha yea im coming thru

Justin is Abubo tournament legal???

I just think the 2 bosses should be banned. They both got like infinites

Most characters in that game have easy ass dash infinites

Yeah Justin is right…Abubo is tournament legal. Duke and the final boss should be banned he’s right.

There are no infinites unless its with the final 2 bosses.

HAHA im mad godly in that game If you think Mike is nice, im 1000x better

Hahaha then I’m looking forward to it Justin…

It’d be great to get this recorded :lol:

News EDIT- Just letting people know this will be going on in our Hotel Room…

Those that want to prereg can do it here or in the actual thread.

Justin you down for KOFXI also??

** Early Pre-Reg SNK Showdown Championships** (constantly changing)
**KOFXI **($5 entry fee)- DG, Diirt_Kicker, Justin Wong (highly likely), Orochi ryu,Hokuto Shingo,Gualberto, CrimsonDisaster,E-Bortion?,Mycah Leonhart.
**SST **($2)- DG,CrimsonDisaster,Gualberto, Hokuto Shingo,E-Bortion?
**KOFNW **($2)- DG, Mycah Leonhart?,Hokuto Shingo, Gualberto, Orochi Ryu, E-Bortion?
NGBC($5)- DG, Hokuto Shingo, Gualberto,Turbovec?
Double Dragon ($1)- DG, Justin Wong. :rofl:
KOF94 Rebout FREE!!!-DG,Hokuto Shingo, Diirt_Kicker, Orochi ryu.
World Heroes 2 FREE!!!-DG,Orochi Ryu.

See that Justin?? I got you regged for Double Dragon…

Double Dragon is the best game in the Universe.

It’s all about Dragon mode and the cheesy song!

Too bad Team Miami can’t come :sad:.

When’s the next time you guys coming? Man I should be in Ft. Lauderdale trying to get up to South Beach pretty soon a tourney can happen around then no?

Pre reg list has been updted.

I’d love to go where is this at??? is its about 300 miles im down if more than that than then maybe

Oh man this is in Texas…Houston…you still down???

Well all see if l can make cause everytime we are about to go my friends say no so like if they don’t come this time iam so coming alone xd Hopefully l can see you guys there DG especially you:wink:

You gotta show up man now is the chance it has been a while…since like last Texas Showdown right???

**EDIT- **Okay guys looks like the SNK action will not be in the Hilton Hotel but will be at another Hotel location I will reveal to you all next week sometime so that everyone knows.


Ash any word on whether you are coming or not? Also if so what are you going to sign up for??

Well when is it? if l go iam signing up for KofNw, KofXi, and NGBC so hope l can go for sho :wink: You know it kind of hard with out a car hah…