SNK specialist wanted: help with combos please

I’ve been a long time fan of the king of fighters series and I play pretty well. It’s basic as hell but I really need to improve. What I mean by basic? Well I try to apply Street fighter tactics but those can only go so far. I do my 2 in 1’s cancel DM/SDMs from regular attacks and poke. But what I want to do is combo like there’s no tomorrow. I want to get like 5 to 6 regular hits before I go into my DM/SDM. I’m looking at some KOF 2k1 vids right now and I notice that when they call a striker that there character dosen’t pause. But when I do it my character does pause, what’s the story behind that? Basically I need to know how to combo because it takes me to long to win and I want to put on a show. What I can’t understand is why am I having this problem when I can combo just find on CvsS2 and SF3S.

Thanks in advance


Playing 2k1 and learn 98 you are wasting your time learning that game


What do you mean by that?

If you want

To learn king of fighters built your skills in kof 98 it was the best one it still is anything after than one was sub par any kof player who plays to test their skill plays 98 once you learn 98 built you skills in the other ones

That is true. I own 98 for the Dreamcast but the same problems (besides the strikers) still remain. I can’t combo for shit. So what am I doing wrong, what is it that I don’t know about the combo system.

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A.he s right about 2k1, its better to be playing 98 soon as your move makes contact with your opponent, call the striker, your fighter won t pause as long as the move you threw out has been blocked/hit
C.just while playing, look out for useful moves you see with good buffer time or won t knockdown your opponent, combine them with whatever you like but if the game won t let you connect, o well, move on. if all your trying to do is combo then practicing on a dummy in practice mode helps, just make sure you have a good idea of how versatile it is and in what situations you can use them in, its the same thing as sf man, just lil more complicated motions

I hear what your saying kofiend but I’m not having trouble with the special attacks. What I can’t understand is I’m sitting here watching this video and they are chaining shit together as if they were playing a Darkstalkers game. That’s whay I don’t get. If you had to explain the timing of weak attacks to strong attacks what would it be?


You have to tell us who are ya trying to learn see
somecharacter only use their weak attacks to poke when they wanna combo they always go fierce fierce etc like ryo some like Iory use a mix and im sure there are some who jab til he cows come home but can’t think of any rigth now and about the vids notice how they like to beat on chang rule of thumb if they are doing the combo on chang don’t bothers its a useless combo keep and eye open for non big characters combos

i didn t mean your having trouble with special attacks, i mean linking them, if your watching a combo vid from 2k~2k1 then they are using the strikers as “pick up” characters, meaning they use the strikers to pick you up from being knocked down or from being too far to hit, a good example is kyo’s fireball motion double kicks, while they re being launched call xia(the chinese girl), she ll pick them up and you can put more punishment in, this is the common “pick up” technique used during 2k to add the game to be a infinite happy game.

watch some 98 combo vids, now those are hard to do, no strikers to pick up or help juggle, took very good timing

I miss

I miss 98 gameplay…sad what happen Snk?
oh yea im in winnipeg

Sheesh, I like 2k1 and 98(But 97 is much funner to me IMO). Shouldn’t you guys get straight to the fact that the super meter can avoid any use of striker attacks…_ and combos up to 12 and 29 can be done easily with a link to Supercancels and wire attacks. Ryo’s Z-ken x2 for the example…

KOF is a much slower game than cvs or the alpha series. Maybe you are doing the moves too fast. I played KOF 98 the other day and I have to pause between each move to get the combos off. So they should be easier not harder. Just perform the motions slower.

i only played 98 and 99, not 2k1 or 2k. if you’re having trouble with linking weak to heavy attacks (ie Ryo’s Dwn B -> Dwn C), remember that you’re ‘linking’ them, not ‘chaining’ or cancelling them. watch the weak attack’s animation, and just when the animation ends (ie the foot pulls back to the body), do the heavy attack. Ryo’s dwn B -> dwn C is one of the easy ones, start with that one. In 98 and 99, Kyo’s dwn B -> Stnd C is one of the harder examples.

kof is ALOT more faster than cvs2, cvs2’s moves are cut and edited to be faster, thats all, the game’s pace is much slower, anybody can agree to that even if you haven t played both.

i m sure its the way you play or who you picked, definetly the game is not slower.

alot slower my ass cvs2 is all fuck up now that game is slow how its that ryu/ken can run faster the kyo/iori:confused: :confused: ryu/ken dont even have the run in there street fighter games

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I was refering to kof98. And 98 is slower than cvs2. It’s also alot slower than alpha3.

98 is PRETTY damn fast given you know what your doing, any advanced player that played both can clearly see that, its the way your playing it then, your playing basic to standardized normal, moderate to advance playing is ALOT faster than cvs2 man, i ve seen cvs2 when it gets nasty, that is not fast man, just cause your INPUTING moves faster cause the sprites are edited to be short, doesn t mean the game is faster PACED
in kof some combos you input fast like for leona, some you input slower like for kensou, but the game is alot more faster than cvs2

another thing is how is it slower? you relize every move including A,B,C,D is bufferable right?(without touching opponent), that means every move can be canceled into anything given you buffered it right away, example is like down D then fireball, the fireball comes out without touching the opponent, and you can input it as fast as you want. meaning if you do it fast enough you won t even see the sweep, just the fireball(again, cause everything is bufferable without touching)

thats just the lil buffering factor, kof rushdown is ALOT more scarier, meaner and faster than cvs2, i mean just the running, cvs2 running speed is kof walking speed, c mon. jumping? heh, your up there for like a good full second man like you got wings, i can work 2 short jumps in kof while your short jumping once in cvs2, no matter how nasty i ve seen cvs2 get(pro and casual), in no way is it faster than kof, you must be joking for a arguement or something. look at ryu for example, if you do down HK into fireball, you have to wait on him to finish the sweep animation before it goes into the fireball, i end up waiting for ryu or doing it twice cause he can t do it any faster.

ask anyone to back up your cause man, one of the biggest complaints kof players had against cvs2 was how watered down and slow the game was. man even garou is faster than cvs2, and garou is SLOW compared to kof.
kof gets as fast as you can buffer/cancel it(meaning every move can be like kara throwing but with just about every move) if you know how fast it is for kara throwing then good, cause even then you can input faster in kof.
remember, i never said it takes no skills to play cvs2, its just a slower paced game

Where can I find some vids of KOF combos?

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