SNK US Bi-Nationals 2007 Full Results

KOF NeoWave- 16 total

1st- Mago: (JAP)- Choi, Kim, Young Geese MAX2 (Never lost)
2nd-Dark Geese: (USA)- Young Geese, Iori, Saisyu (Lost to Mago, Mago)
3rd-KenMastersX (USA)- Takuma, Random(Lost to Guero and Dark Geese)

4th- NothingXs- Clark, Terry, Orochi Shermie (Lost to KenmastersX, KenMastersX)
5th-HellSap- Takuma, Terry, Mai (Lost to Dark Geese, NothingXs)
5th-KabukiMono-Orochi Yashiro, ? (Lost to Mago and NothingXs)
7th- Guero- Yuri,Choi, Saisyu (DQ’ed no show)
7th- Pepe aka “Gai”- ? (DQ’ed no show)
7th- RealKim-Kim, Beni, ? (DQed)
9th- Mr. G- ? (Lost to Mago and DQ’ed)
9th- JeRon - Vice, ? (Lost to RealKim and DQ’ed)
9th- EmperorPaine- ? (Lost to Dark Geese and KabukiMono)
13th-Otome Yosuke (JAP)- Vice, Kula, King, ? (Lost to RealKim 2-1 then forfeited)
13th- OrochiZoolander- ? (Lost to JeRon then Dq’ed)
13th- Keits ? (Lost to EmperorPaine, HellSap in Losers)

KOFXI- 17 Total
1st- Mago (JAP)- Kula, Gato (L), Oswald (Never Lost)
2nd- Kindevu (JAP)- Kula, Gato (L), Oswald (Lost to Mago, Mago)
3rd- Pepe (USA)- Kula, Oswald (L), Gai (Lost to Mago & Kindevu)

4th- RealKim -Kim, ? ? (Lost to Pepe and Kindevu)
5th- Guero- Kula, Gato (L) ,Oswald (Lost to Mago and Kindevu)
5th- Erasmus- ? (Lost to Mago & Kindevu)
7th- Dark Geese- Kyo, Kula, Gato (L) (Lost to Guero,Guero)
7th- BBHood01- Kyo, Malin (L), Kula (Lost to RealKim, Dq’ed)
9th- Anthony- Oswald, Duck King, ? (Lost to Pepe and DQ’ed)
9th- Jeffrey- Iori, ? (Lost to Dark Geese and BBHood01)
9th-Antonio- ? (Lost to Erasmus and Dq’ed)
9th-Nothingxs- ? (Lost to Mago and Dq’ed)
13th- Steve Harrison- Kyo, Ryo, Terry (L) (Lost to Pepe and DQ’ed)
13th- Justin Wong- Kula, Ralf, Gato (L) (Lost to Pepe and said “What the hell with the Marvel Madness wheres the 98???” :rofl:)
13th- Mr. Mamation- ? (Lost to BBHood01 and Anthony)
13th- Koll- Forfeited
13th- Diirt_Kicker-Forfeited
13th- D.T.- No Show

That’s enough for now…I’ll keep updating later.

I played in NeoWave. I lost to hellsap in losers. 2 and out.

What’s the use of having this second thread? Didn’t me, you and Keits already post up all the results in Keits’ thread?



ain’t nobody getting in on my sexy electric kisses

Giby- Well yeah but I figured I saw others posting up separate full results threads so I figured I’d do it too.

This is for the full results also…so I got them all for WHP, SST, and the other games…

So like RB2 and Garou you’ll have to post the full results or I will take what you got and put it into the Full Results.

Also what Keits posted was off the top of my head…I told him that as he posted it…

This is more accurate as I have the brackets in front of me…

Also this is full results with who everyone lost to…so its more in-depth.

What happened to the 98 tourney
I was waiting all day

We had a problem with the converters…thats why it didnt happen…the problem was one of them worked…the other one didnt…meaning one person would be able to use a stick/controller of their choice.

Thus while trying to solve to the problem I wasn’t holding the tournament.

I do like these ‘full’ results. Post more. :lovin:

Okay Adam just for you :rofl: -

**World Heroes Perfect- **8 total

1st- Keits (USA)- Rasputin (Never Lost)
2nd- Josh Ballard (USA)- Muscle Power (Lost to Keits, Keits)
3rd- Dark Geese (USA)- Jack (Lost to Keits, Josh Ballard)

4th- Abhi (ENGLAND)- Hanzo/Kim Dragon (Lost to Josh Ballard, Dark Geese)
5th- EmperorPaine- Ryoko (Lost to Abhi, Dark Geese)
5th- Todd- Captain Kidd- (Lost to Dark Geese, Abhi)
7th- David- ? (Lost to Keits and Todd)
7th- Mr. GameandBox- ? (Lost to Josh Ballard and DQ’ed)

OK, I see what you’re doing. If I get any charaters wrong, someone let me know. This is just a copy paste of my other post with the characters added. I’ll do Garou later, going to have to find the brackets again…I just remember a lot of DQ’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Breakers Revenge: 13 entries

  1. TRIEU(not sure what he goes by here, but thats his handle on -Sho, Condor, Saizo(Lost to Jeron)

  2. Jeron - Rila(lost to Trieu, Trieu)

  3. XTG - Condor(Lost to Jeron, Trieu

  4. Josh Ballard(sp) (lost to Trieu, XTG)

  5. Stone - Tia (Lost to Jeron, XTG)

  6. Master Chibi - ? (Lost to Trieu, Josh)

  7. Keits - Alison, Condor (lost to Trieu, Stone)

  8. Giby - Rila, Tia, Saizo (Lost to Jeron, Josh)
    Everyone else:
    Brandon (Lost to XTG, Keits)
    Will (Lost to Buktooth, Giby)
    Buktooth ( Lost to Master Chibi, DQ’ed himself)
    Todd (Lost to XTG, Josh)
    JTM (Lost to Keits, DQed)

Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: 17 entries

  1. Steve Harrison - Terry (Never lost)

  2. Nocturnal - Yamazaki, Geese(Lost to Josh, Steve Harrison)

  3. Phil - ?(Lost to Steve H., Nocturnal)

  4. Josh - ?(Lost to Steve H. Nocturnal)

  5. Stone - ?(lost to Josh, Nocturnal)

  6. DT - Rick(Lost to Kabuki Mono, Stone)

  7. Todd (Lost to Phil, Todd)

  8. Kabuki Mono(Lost to Phil, Nocturnal)

  9. Yosuke(ost to Steve H., DQ’ed himself)

  10. Keits (Lost to Nocturnal, Kabuki Mono)

  11. Domino-Chan(Lost to Nocturnal, Todd)

  12. Ahbi(Lost to Yosuke, Stone)

  13. Hellsap(Lost to XTG, Keits)
    Everyone else:
    Master Chibi(Lost to Domino-Chan, Keits)
    Emperor Pain(Lost to Stone, DT)
    Mizuki(Lost to Yosuke, Ahbi)
    Ahbi(Lost to Stone(started in loser due to late entry)

Garou: 20 entries

  1. Justin Wong - Jenet

  2. Nocturnal - Kain, Gato

  3. Giby - Grant, Kevin

  4. Anthony - Gato

  5. Steve Harrison - Terry

  6. Keits - Hokutomaru, Terry

  7. OJ - ?

  8. Ugly Duckling, FRCFLX, Antonio, Dave, Kabuki Mono,
    Everyone else: Brandon, Emperor Pain, Kyle, TRIEU, Antonio, Hellsap, Ahbi, XTG

I played Hokutomaru and Terry in Garou.

I also used Jae and Jenet in the finals with Wong as well, but mainly Kain through the whole thing. Also I remember Brandon only used Gato through the whole tourney, XTG was Tizoc, Hellsap was Dong, Trieu used Rock I believe, FRC Fly used Marco, that is all I can remember.

Who’s Pepe?

Pepe is a member of the extinct K-Force that is overall better than the person that was formerly US KOFXI Champion- That is Oscar aka THE ANSWER.

This is Stone btw.

I used Hon Fu in Real Bout 2. As for Neowave, I basically paired Takuma with random people.

I played Dao-Long in Breakers ;O!

Oh, Gotcha :wink:

It was nice to see that he didn’t use Gato :tup:

So Mago was pretty much the grand beast of XI, I would like to see that!

So 98 didnt happen?
I did pay my entrance :sad:

Mai! I play Mai!
Mai is my main, Takuma is for rape, and Terry is just there to look cool.

that wayyyyy but wayyy wrong geese:sweat: pepe has always been part of my team CHAOS FOR EVER