SNK US Bi-Nationals 2007 Full Results

K-Force existed, but I think it only consisted of a few people from SoCal, I know THE ANSWER, The Beast, XTG and K4 were part of it, not sure who else though.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh so its Team Chaos…alright then I got it wrong…Team Chaos…

Giby- Thanks for clearing that up. Realkim.who else makes up Team Chaos? Does Guero? See this enables many to delve into the history because I know many dont know the facts also!!!

J.D…I remember who you are…I got you for the next SNK tournament of your choice…

You decide…its on me bud!!!

**HellSap- **Okay I will edit it…and same thing Stone and Andres.

Samurai Shodown Tenka- 15 total

1st- Tokido (JAP) : Mina, Sogetsu, Yunfei (Never Lost)
2nd- Dark Geese (USA): Amakusa (Lost to Tokido, Tokido)
3rd- I-No (JAP): Amakusa, Zankuro (Lost to Dark Geese, Dark Geese)

4th-Wicked Element: Hanzo (Late entry, lost to I-No)
5th- Hokuto Shingo: Rasetsumaru, Galford (Lost to Tokido, I-No)
5th- F.Y.C.N: Andrew, Gedo, Sogetsu (Lost to Dark Geese, Wicked Element)
7th- KenMastersX- Yumeji (Lost to Hokuto Shingo, DQ’ed)
7th- Fasty McNasty- Hanzo (Lost to Tokido, Wicked Element)
7th- XTG- (Lost to I-No, Forfeited)
9th- Master Chibi- Iroha (Lost to ?,?)
9th- Keits- Sogetsu (Lost to Hokuto Shingo, ?)
13th-Josh Ballard- Sieger (Lost to FYCN, Keits)
13th-Shannon- Haohmaru (Lost to FYCN, DQ’ed)
13th- Brandon-? (Lost to Master Chibi, DQ’ed)

I got 3rd in Real Bout 2…was in winners finals with Steve H.

This was hot, and it’s impressive we managed to complete as much as we did! Many, many thanks to Lukus and Giby and Dash no Chris and the rest of the gang!!!

Till next time,

Fixed. You are just mad cause I eliminated you so often!

Lukas wouldnt have even gotten his VCR to work without my magic touch.

GG’s to everyone I played and all the chill SNK peeps I kicked it with. I almost never hype myself up but the Breaker Revenge Finals were pretty sick! 4-3, 4-3 last round last game. Too bad none of it got recorded. I had alot of fun.

DG good stuff for running everything man. I was a little disappointed that 98 and NGBC didn’t happen but time constraints are perfectly understandable. Good stuff beasting in Tenka. Also good stuff to Keits, XTG, Stone, Chibi, Trieu, Abhi and everyone else that did they’re thing. Although this was my last Evo and possibly last SRK major I want to thank all you guys for supporting and continue to support Dark Geese he shows that he has the passion to make SNK as big as it can be.


Aint that the truth…Keits is Mr. Fix it. And we will fix all the errors in this tournament next year.

I want everyone to see my big picture…and thats the idea that every tournament that is NOT EVO World (which will be called EVO World SNK 2008 the thread will be named that even) will be testing grounds for stuff that people like/will happen at Vegas.

At EVO World we have to have the most solid, strongest lineup ever.

So combine my plan of getting tournament vids for EVERYTHING SNK up at the Majors before EVO World…and getting the strongest games show at World…

Thats the goal along with in the future having my own SNK Major and having SNK Qualifiers ala EVO World itself for the major games…making it even better to show up to EVO East SNK, EVO West SNK , NEC, Final Round/EVO South and EVO North SNK etc.

Josh- I agree, me, Keits (Mr Fix it), Giby, Dash No Chris, and my staff members etc like Nocturnal helping etc is a WINNING COMBINATION!!!

JeRon- Man sad to hear that it’s your last EVO…and possibly your last SRK Major. Well I hope whatever you are doing in the future the best of luck man seriously!!!

98 didnt happen not because of time constraints but because of the converter issue…which wouldve been a HUGE problem. NGBC didnt happen because I was still trying to figure out how to solve the converter issue in 98.

Thats something that wont happen next year due to me stocking up on them and the fact that KOF98 UM will be out next year.

-Dark Geese

Last Evo :frowning: We just met, though! Damn it Jeron. You are too cool to stop showing up to these. :wasted:

That sucks. Holding the Breakers tourney took a lot of my time, but it was fun getting in that Rila Rila battle…even though I got man handled. And I still think you’re a ninja, leaving without anyone noticing you and popping back up in the same way.

Im going to start an annoying internet petition to force you to come to any event I’m attending, Jeron, if this madness persists.

I think he’s putting his time into Brawl when it comes out…that’s what I believe the reason is for now me thinks…

He’s gonna go away from 2d fighters to focus on that for a good year I believe…

Correction- SST had 15 people total…not 14…

hey guys.

thanks for people who played with me KOF or SNK games. I enjoyed so much. you guys are so strong on NW. I feel so proud that I could play a lot of NW players who are better than me.

I guess I will not play SNK games until next evo, but I will attend some SNK game tournaments if I have a chance:lovin:

geese, adam, and josh. thanks for everything. I will see you next year in chicago I guess.

say hi to the cragy american haha.

Yosuke you know you still got it…I saw that match between you and RealKim…it was close shit…2-1 recall? I wish you wouldve stayed in because I KNOW you wouldve kicked ass in NeoWave my friend! :tup:

I mean after all that was a good match between you and RealKim in NeoWave…

Yessir…Next Year in Chicago things return back in style no Yosuke???

You can also THANK ME for having to deal with Mago :rofl: :rofl:

I’ll take him on again anyday of the week…

And as I say…I AM GOING TO BEAT HIM!!!

I hope to see you sooner than that Yosuke. At least keep in touch on the private messages here on the forums, though. I will buy Virtua Fighter for 360 if you will, so we can play online together.

Vids could be up in a matter of one to two weeks so stay tuned!!!

now I am interested in S3 and turbo. MVC2 is also interesting, but I like watching better lol

Alright Yosuke! Its good to play more games.

EVO World SNK 2007 vids right here! First batch **NGBC US vs. Japan 2007 **right here!

Enjoy and please comment!

More NGBC US vs. Japan from EVO World!!

Oh shoot, I remember reading about how you had strats for Athena in NGBC. Very nice man.