SNK vs Capcom card fighting game!

Oh man! this game is so awsome:lovin:! is anyone playing it yet??? where? can u please post tips, advice or what ever u think of the game!

You like a game with a serious glitch that prevents you from playing? It’s not even online so why even post it in here?


It dosent prevent you from playing you can beat the game but you cant finish the new game + tournament because you cant get past the 13th floor

anyway newer copies of the game do not have this glitch so if you havent brought it its good to go now

Strategy: build a deck with nothing by 1 and 2 gray force character cards. Don’t pay attention to the colors, you just want generic colorless force. Throw in a few of the direct damage cards, and a few action cards that let you trade HP for BP, and you’re basically unstoppable. Throw out as many character cards as you can per turn, rinse, repeat.

Think Magic - you’re basically building a Sligh deck and your one color is Gray instead of Red.

This game is sick!

At least it’s better then Resistance.

The game isn’t half bad, I enjoyed playing it, If there was an online multi that would be nice, just to see what deck could counter what.