SNK vs. CAPCOM: Chaos On XBOX 360 Live?!?

Can somebody confirm this

Also, if they were to redo this game, taking out the glitchs, then will there be more people playing this game?

In an age of SF4, STHD, KoF12, BlazBlue and other high profile fighters, there’s no place for shit like this. I don’t know if it’s coming out or not, but even if the glitches were fixed, I probably still wouldn’t play it. The game was inherently broken.

if anything, this will be an xbox original


This was the greatest game ever. You could turn your favorite SNK fighters into women.

It’s more than glitches. They would need to make a shitload character specific changes AND change the entire system, it wouldn’t even be Chaos anymore. Even with that it’s still an unlikeable game in terms of some of it’s ugly sprites and mostly horrible soundtrack (there is a couple of nice tunes in there to be fair). I doubt any of those things are happening though so an Xbox Live release would be laughable.

Greatest post in this thread.

Don’t you mean most redundant? I mean, aren’t all SNK characters female anyway? Yes, even Earthquake.

Nope, most SNK chars are either chicks or dudes that are gay. SvC chaos just makes me allowed to fap to snk dudes without bein gay.

Yeah these days you can’t even tell, it’s just somebody in a leather jumpsuit. What is ash anyways?

this game is garbage for xbox. i brought it ,and it sucked so bad i took it back to

gamestop and purchased another game.

the game is garbage on ALL levels.

Worst crossover game ever made…

I liked the combo system.

That game sucked ass.

Went to play it at a katy mills in houston, and the joystick was broken. Even when I played it at home in VA, the game still felt a little bit off to me.

I couldnt agree more.

First time i played this game in the arcade i thought meh but then i saw the retarded pre-match conversations so i demanded a refund of my 50 cents

Love it or hate it, this game is a massive part of fighting game history. Sometimes we forget how impossible the CVS and SVC games were. Seeing the SNK characters in the Capcom art style, and seeing the Capcom characters in the SNK art style…

That’s priceless. At least appreciate it for that non-gameplay related reason.

C’mon, those were the best part! Ken and Terry have the same smell!

By the way, I’m guessing there’s no real confirmation of this on Xbox 360 Live since no one seems to have heard about it…?

It would be a waste of time. I burned the game on xbox when it came out. Biggest waste of a dvd. Made a good Frisbee and coaster.