SNK vs capcom POCKET

so i dug this old gem out the other day, and played around with it on my wii.
since the neopop emulator came out and i wanted to try a fighting game on it.
and i must say for a very simplistic game this one was actually fun to mess around with.

has anyone played this?
altho it is dated compared to the DS
games like bleach blade battlers and GGX on the DS

this one for its day was so good i cant believe i slept on this title for so long lols!

anyone care to share their thoughts about this game?
teirs, strats combos etc, etc, etc!

I play this all the time on my Neo Geo Pocket Color. It’s helllllla busted. Infinites all over the place.

Used to play this back in high school with my friends, but some of the shit you can do is pretty retarded. Infinites aside, some combos can do at least 75% damage. Like outside the corner Terry can do j.hp/hk, st.hp, 6hk xx hcf+k xx power geyser.

I actually liked Gals Fighter, too, just for all the stupid juggles you could make.

I use to play this all the time back in high school. In fact I still have it and my NGPC.

Akuma: (about half screen) Whatever xx qcb+hk, dp+wp (2 hits), lvl 1/2 m. gouhadou or lvl 1 m. goushoryu.
It must be done outside the corner so that you don’t get all 3 hits on the shoryu. You can’t juggle anymore if that last hit connects.

ive been messing around with this game a lot more, and jeez christ! geese and M bison are such fags! i cant beat them with only one person, i have to use TEAM or TAG mode to kill em.

oh and OROCHI IORI FUCK that guy!
dude can kill you with his level 3 super alone.
all in all its a pretty fun game.

too bad this game doesnt have online support would love to play some SVC pocket with SRK peeps.

Just play as Gief, you can pull off his 360 with just a qcb half the time on the NCP joystick.

the legend will never die

hmm but anyway snk vs capcom, kof, gals fighters, and the rest of the fighters on NGPC were all pretty quality games back in the day. Even though they were just hand held fighters, they were very impressive as far as emulating the gameplay.

Yep, that SVC was better than their big version. Gief could also chain into a SPD or FAB if you use Rush style.

There were some good tunes, that I got the fortune of recording back in the day. Unfortunetly, EMU’s dont quite sound the same, so I cant get better quality rips. Seems like the EMU’s PC or Wii play the music slower than what I remember, and what I did record on my actual ngpc system.