SNK Vs. Capcom SvC Chaos - Bad Games Thread

Post your bad games here… you know the drill.


RoniboneX or something like that and to the other people that plays as them.

No one likes fighting the bosses Shin Akuma, Athena, Red Aremmer and Shin Karate.

Learn the regulars and get some skill.

Two words: lag tornadoes…

Yeah Seriously what is with the lamers using Shin Akuma and to make it worse he edited the sprite to look like the Hulk lol.

Was his name gamma I saw that fag, one guy turned his Sagat into big poppa smurf, blue skin and red pants.

I would like to add “VIPX237” on the cheap ass mother F#@$%^% list. I played him four times and all he chooses is Athena. and he braggs about it when he beats you with her.

Once again, his gamertag is VIPX237.


I was just about to post that guy accord. Yes I agree he choose Athena bitch on me too. I luckily beat him with Terry damn scrub.

Krazybone or whatever his name is also always picks shin akuma.
At least have the dignity to choose the regular secret characters not the 4 boss characters.

hyoly crap that vip guy picked that cheap athena crap on me too, screw that guy play with cation “scrub alert”

Some new scrubs.

JG the next fight did use regular akuma so hopefully he learned not to use those cheaters.

Capcom VS.Snk2EO.It’s A good game it’s just not agood challenge it is too easy.Expecially the Final 4 Bosses Inculding Ultimate Akuma.

Guys SuperSaiyan level 3 Scrub ALERT!!!

Watch out for a gamertag named Sygacity. People have reported on the SvC X-box live forums and at the SVC gamespot forums. That even if he loses he gains winning points somehow. Do not play him unless you just want to beat him.

Sygacity is a HUGE scrub due to the fact the he never gets a loss. In fact, even when you beat him he gets points instead of losing them.

Also AllyOfAkuma is a big Shin-Akuma scrub…don’t play him/her.


I’m probably just bein a baby but, Z Saver is a bitch. He waits for you to pick, then picks a counter character, really cheap shit. I have fun on there besides people like him.

Watch out for Tekkenlord he usually has rank 2. If you beat his Ryu repeatedly like I did with Mr. Karate and Terry, he will run to the bosses like Shin Akuma, and just spam away with his ground superfireballs.


yea, I played tekkenlord and beat him couple of times with sagat and he chooses shin akuma. What a fag. By the way, who is this sygacity guy, is he using some kind of cheat device or something? If he is, how come his xbox is not band yet? And what characters does he choose anyways? I tried to play him but he refused me very time.

So, should I just wait for a very cheap used copy of this game or something?

Wow! That sygacity guys sounds like a cheap little bitch! I hope you guys are giving him “bad games” via the in-game player rating.

Sygacity I haven’t seen him in a while.

Mabey he’s dropped off the face of the earth.

Just get the game if you like it. Of course if you see a cheap used version buy it, its always smart to save money.

OH my god Sygacity is posting on the x-box SvC thread.


He’s the gamer that even if he lost he would gain points and would stay at the top1 spot.

Bad game to you, NATAE SECRET is the biggest dickhead online. Aside from picking Shin Akuma, he talks SO MUCH SHIT it’s not even funny.

Bad games, to CrazyVenom and JEFreSTYLEZ. Both pick Shin Akuma and whore the fire ball Supers.