SNK Vs. Capcom SvC Chaos - Bad Games Thread

Fuck JEFreSTYLEZ. Damn Shin Akuma whore.

I agree with you all.

I mute them and try not to play them. Sometime I beat those scrubs with Orochi Iori.

need some help. i was playing some shin akuma the other day and beat him two times. for some reason after i played the guy the second time i didn’t get any more wins. whenever i play someone and win or loose, it doesn’t record anymore. what is up w/ this?

i play on my nephews gamertag: mr. smiley jr. if anyone can help me out w/ this, i would really appreciate it.

The ranking system in the game is entirely screwed up. You can beat someone online and the points you acquire can be given to the loser/opponent for some odd reason. It’s an entirely broken ranking system (not to mention game).

that makes me feel for more comfortable to know that, i thought it was that shin akuma guy that did something to my nephews account. oh well…i’m out, thanx a lot.

I would like to officially post JEFreSTYLEZ as a cheap bitch. I was using mia against his shin akuma, and whippin his monkey ass, so i get him down to one more hit and he jumps back and starts doing those gay ass fireballs nonstop the air ones too! In the end i lost the matches because in the second match he wouldn’t get near me he just did his fireball thing. Lesson learn, I am never playin this hoe again!

So, explain to me how anyone can believe this game has ANY merit?

Not much about merit.

Its just fun for us to play.

I usually just play the people who don’t play the bosses.

Actually, I’ve never fought ANYONE who uses Shin Akuma… I got the game a couple days ago over at Circuit City for 10 bucks. I actually kind of like it. Of course it’s not as good as CvS, although it feels more like a “Classic” game. Because all of CvS silly tactics are gone. Rolling, Parry, etc, etc. But yeah, I’ve played one guy who used Athena on me. That was just hideously wrong.

Very Bad Bad Bad Bad Games Goes Out To Ryu1234. Bastard Dropped On Me

ive been playing on my friends live acount his sn is Julian Wiggan and i agree JEFreSTYLEZ is the super scrub
i was tearing him a new one with sagat and all the bitch does is run with shin akuma
who the fuck made him playable online they need to fucking die

I’ll play ya if you want ^

if anyone’s got a mic, you should try to talk to some guys like RebornAVENGER, JEFreSTYLEZ, Ginger King Pin, RYU2000, miesinberlin and WALDO RDZ… they should try to use REGULAR characters (Kyo, Ryu, Ken…) ONLY, it’s so fuckin boring to play against Shin Akuma/Shin Karate/Athena/Demitri and others… try to persuade them if you play’em ^^

next time im at my friends probably this weekend ill play some matches with u

that’s ok for me :slight_smile:

Why don’t you guys play SVC: Chaos Boss Edition on Kaillera? You can pick the bosses like Serious Mr. Karate and Athena. Those are some cheap characters.

If anyone wants some more info please let me know so we can play Boss Edition.

anyone actually play this game?
ive only played some fuck with a spanish name that only picks bosses and plays as cheap as possible

hes like ranked number 1 or somthing…and can barely beat my normal characters with broken ass bosses

id like to play this for fun with someone who picks normal characters

or at least no shin akuma and shin mr karate…i can live with geese and zero…broken as they are