SNK vs Capcom SVC Chaos Comic in stores this week


When is the secound one coming out?

Did the first SVC Chaos do bad or something?

Everytime I try to order it, the bookstores act like it got cancelled


I doubt they would cancel it after one book. It’s probably late or something.


According to it won’t be available in April of 2005, but they will resolicit. So it’s running late.


Can anyone get on this site ?

for some reason I can’t get on there site



That sucks. I wonder if they’ve even finished volume 2 yet.



Well as long as the udon comic does well it’s not a total loss.

The story in the udon comic is alot better anyway.


Yay !!!

You can preorder The next SVC Chaos manga here,


Geez, that’s a bit of a gap between volumes…glad it’s coming though.

(Heh heh heh…Lori)



Yeah I thought it got canceled for sure. I wonder if there website is working?

no still isn’t.


Well I like how powerful the characters are because that’s how I always imagine ryu/kyo and the gang to be.


Warning ! The sun is Street Fighter’s enemy !!

I left mine in the car and the sun melted the glue.

No more SVC Chaos. Now the pages are every where. Good thing it wasn’t the SF TPB. :sad:


Damn…that’s more than three months aay still. Ah well. At least it’s even coming at all.


Does anyone know how many of these will hit? How many issues does it carry? If it only has the first issue of the HK comic for $13.95 I’m gonna be upset!


After reading the first one , I really don’t care for the SVC chaos comic anymore. Mr. Karate beating up Akuma ? ! Please !

I can’t stand Mr Karate . In my opinion if you are more Capcom fan then Snk , stay away from this crap and save your money.

Still I hope they bring over any of the other SF manhua’s or even the Capcom vs Snk version would be nice.


I don’t know shit about non-SF characters, but Mr. Karate didn’t necessarily “beat up” Akuma. They were both so evenly matched they killed each other.


you can find the history of Mr. Karate here

It’s not very long. The small paragraph says he got his power from the Tengu mask.

I think that idea is stupid.

Anywho the video game SVC chaos does alot of Capcom bashing so maybe I’m just being pig headed. :wink:


can someone tell me is their an SNK book Similar to the SF eternal challenge?
i didnt want 2 start a new thread and couldnt find one bout SF eternal challenge, so forgive me if ive gone off topic.


Yeah there is sort of one like that. It’s called “The King Of Fighters Fighting Evolution 10th” (ISBN: 4575164313). It covers all the KOF games, I think.

I’ve been looking to get this recently, but haven’t gotten around to getting it, so I don’t know how good it is inside.


hey eggy thanks :tup:


OK, I got to say I am loving this comic, I got the english versions from e-bay, so far I am up to Volume 6 (from a total of 8); I was afraid from opinions I read that the story was supposed to be too “out there” and whacky but I don’t think its actually that whacky.

Also compared to other Hong Kong Comics, I am actually surprised how many little details they took from canon like some FF and Kof events, Vega’s backstoy with his ugly stepfather, etc, and the references from many media like M. Bison’s V-TOL, Monitor Cyborgs and Shadaloo’s Base (Big mountain with a Sculped Face) from SF2TAM. The art is fantastic and the Story and Fights are very entertaining (I am a sucker for parallel worlds, cosmic stuff and what not).

As a final note, for much of the cristicism this comic got for having a “crazy story”, if one looks at the cast on that particulal game and how peculiar it is (SvC Chaos), IMO it really called for a more out there stoy, is hard for me to imagine a more “normal” tale with a game that consist of mixing characters from SF and KOF with the likes of Demitri, Red Arremer and Tessa, Genjyro, MARS People just to name a few.