SNK vs Capcom SVC Chaos

Does anyone play this game?

no one does and all the information is dead and buried

whats up

I figured, i occasionally mess with this game when I see it at an arcade, I just want to see if people still play this game

oh nah good luck
kof fobs are insanely good
tier list was like



mmm guile,iori,v.ken, and terry were up there too but nobody is touching geese, zero has mostly his aa infinite, chun was so beefy and had a command grab tessa had unblockable traps but were kinda hard to set up

Yeah, right.

Anyway, I play the game occasionally and random Japs play it but I its nowhere near what you call a scene. Its actually pretty deep but the character imbalance sorta kills it unless you stick to the defaults.

I have it on my xbox but don’t play it much because for some reason I can’t get rekkas and qcbs to come out on the controller. I might invest time into it again if I get a better second party controller.

since your in apparently there a few good fobs at regency but i’ve never been there.

also ai has a bunch of former players that i remember playing before and they were good.

I think AcidGlow still plays this and Tessa high tier? Nigga plz

Yeah, he hasn’t posted matches lately, though. He’s working on Star Gladiator 2, I believe. Which reminds me: I gotta post some match vids of Star Gladiator I (just got the PSX disc in the mail! :woot:) and show that guy that the first SG is superior!

It’s at the local arcade here, I only touch it when there’s a lot of people crowded around it randomly.

whats wrong with tessa? she has an insanely good keep away game and an unblockable setup for free combo/exceed?

i play with kyo or kasumi

I dont mind playing the game I loved using Ryo, Shiki, Hugo and Chun.

uhh, no

god tier



a fuck load (chun is at the top of mid)

mars people (i think)

How is Earthquake above Chun?

This list seems pretty accurate to me. Dan should be in the bottom tier and Goenitz should be in the god tier. Dan just flat out sucks. Goenitz has nearly unstoppable keep away abilities with that wind column thing of his. Goenitz can keep just about any character away by spamming that move. SvC Chaos had potential to be a good game, but the game suffers from severe character imbalance.

WTF? Okay, let’s get this straight…

– God Tier –

  • Athena
  • Red Arremer
  • Shin Gouki
  • Shin Mr. Karate
  • Goenitz

– Top Tier –

  • Geese
  • Zero
  • Orochi Iori
  • Mars People
  • Demitri
  • Violent Ken

– Upper mid –

  • Kim
  • Guile
  • Iori
  • Choi
  • Terry

– Mid tier –
Everyone else

– lower-mid tier –

  • Shiki
  • Tessa
  • Dan

I can’t believe you actually placed Mars people low with its abuse-able teleport, Plasma Spin, the cheap ass “Not Independence” DM (The rings are freakin’ unblockable) and how you can loop off all of his DM’s and the zoning of the Mars shot. If the dude could combo in CC better, he’d probably be god tier.

And Sagat at the bottom…? Please…

How can it be accurate when he doesn’t even tier the most obviously powerful in god tier and furthermore doesn’t even tier all the characters? And again, tessa is not top tier. What game are you guys playing…?

I was assuming that he purposefully left off the boss characters because they’re insanely better than the non-boss characters. As far as Tessa, she has some weird glitch abuse. I’ll post more about it tomorrow as I’m running low on mental energy due to not having slept in almost 24 hours.

Shiki and Tessa bottom-tier???

Shiki is quite decent and Tessa is one of the best non-boss characters in the game.

Not low, low-mid. And I’m still waiting to hear why people think Tessa is tops. Apparently she has glitches or something I’m not familiar with.

Shiki’s is simple. Just block and punish. Almost all of her good tools are not safe on block, her overheads are too slow; she’s like some kind of poor man’s crazy Iori, but with better constitution. She’s better than NGBC, though. I could see her being mid, maybe if I’m missing something, upper-mid since she does have mix-up city but tops? no way.

but MvC2 was/is unbalanced and look at it. One of the most played games in the USA

maybe was the fact that the game was not plain fun (at least not entirely like lets say…NGBC…which is not that popular anyways)

I dont know, as you said it might be the character unbalance. The roster was really good in terms of variety.