SNK vs Capcom SVC Chaos


i played some practice with Shiki and she’s pretty sick! but when i started against the cpu at level8 they always knew what i was going to do… fuck… but still love her :slight_smile:
in fact now i have to decide if put Shiki or Chin on my arcadestick…

anyway…Shishioh… great avatar lol


shiki is mad dope in this game

SVC Chaos for GGPO HYPE!!!


So have I.

I’ve also seen CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON 2003 on a machine.

As well as KING OF FIGHTERS 2005.



You travel to Mexico a lot? :wonder:

sees location

Yeah, yeah, I know…


Poking something dead, doesn’t bring it back to life.


I did enjoy how at the beginning of each match, characters would have a brief discussion before fighting xD

I thought that was especially cool =P

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He’s near HK (as am I), so we get a lot of those ghetto bootlegs too. :sad:


It’s annoying.

You’ll be lucky to find a 2002 machine WITHOUT infinite meter. :sad:


Yeah that has become a plague around here too. Lately I’ve been finding some bootleg KOF '97 cabinets with Orochi, ROB Iori and Leona and Orochi NFT unlocked, infinite supers and the ability to make a miniature version of you character by pressing start mid-battle (?).


Yeah, that “minature” bug is kinda annoying and (to my knowledge) happens in ALL the KOF bootlegs.

You could also “swap” your characters by pressing CD (so you could potentially have 3 Ioris in your team if you placed Iori last in your team lineup).

Probably the most annoying thing out of it all was a selectable Rugal. :annoy:


This game is superb. :shy:


CvS 3 SF4 style graphics let’s do it.


Recently, I just went back on this game because I was bored. Yeah, this game is still nowhere near good, but its good for casual plays. I remember SvC was pretty hyped up around my place a few years ago and it became such a quick let down to many.

So I was fooling around with Serious Mr. Karate and I found out that he’s pretty damn bugged or perhaps broken. Aside from what he is capable of, dodging projectiles, moves, etc, Serious Mr. Karate can also punch out projectiles. His stand jab and crouch jab can cancel out most single to three hit projectiles. It can even reduce the number of hits of multi hit projectiles such as Shinkuuhadouken. A regular Shinkuuhadouken does 5 hits, but Serious Karate can shave it to 3 hits or perhaps even down to 1 hit. A series of well timed jabs can cancel out Mai’s Hadouken Fan Super. His jab tip must meet the front tip of the incoming projectile. If it’s perfectly timed, the projectile gets canceled and Karate takes no damage and recovers from the jab. I’ll try to make a short video on it soon.

Yep, SvC is still borderline decent.


That’s not a glitch, that’s a throwback to AOF1 Mr. Karate as Serious Mr. Karate is supposed to be an homage to SNK’s first fighting game boss which includes:

Power Charge
Nullifying projectiles with properly timed punches, even jabs (everyone in AOF1 could do this)
Triangle Jump
Unblockable Ryuuko Ranbu

All things that AOF1 Mr. Karate had.


welp good thing hes generally banned eh


Wow, that’s a big slap across the face to all the other characters.




SvC is a decent game, but lol at okutabareo thinking Serious Mr. Karate’s over-poweredness being a “glitch”. :rofl::rofl:


that was actually funny too. :rock:


y is there a thread for this