SNKp to launch some kind of online newspaper:Press Start!

SNKp is posed to launch a free online newspaper today, the first issue contains 4 pages.

Man thank you…freaking excellent…if you don’t mind I’ll post this also at GC.Net…the SNK site…

I certainly have no problem.:wgrin:

hey thats pretty cool, nice find freak.

Yeah I dont mind finding out how to translate from Japanese to English…

Goddamn look at that whore athena

Well but Athena is like super short…Pocket Fighter size…

Look at the first page. Geese is there and he’s with Billy Kane in a suit.
Mr. Big to the left, and that’s definitely Athena nicely dressed… SNK wouldn’t randomly draw a girl with purple hair, that’s Athena being Mr. Big’s ho ho.

That’s not Asamiya Athena.

Holy fuck!, Why does it say “PS2 Only” on page 2?!?!?!!??!?!!? :xeye:

Man this shit better get to one of the damned X-Boxes!!!

Good link thx …^^