SNKP to leave arcade scene?

Read it and weep. To bad the Atomiswave didn’t last, but with it being a jacked up Naomi, I was wondering how much mileage they could get.

Ouch, hurts the community even more.


Great, now they can spend more time developing the KOF: MI franchise.

oh god

jacked up naomi? more like jacked down. atmomiswave is a weaker/cheaper naomi. a step backwards

While it’s certainly horrible news I’d be interested in seeing just how much money SNK was making (or losing) due to the fact that they have depend on arcades for so long.

It’s just a rumor. I wouldn’t be surprised if that did happen, but there’s no concrete info yet. One abscense in a show doesn’t determine everything; they could simply have nothing interesting to show. They might simply be working on ports of games they have out right now. Who knows.

Since the news wasn’t on any real news sites, I was hoping it was just a rumor. I just saw nothing on it here so i wanted some confirmation. I thought they were working on Samurai Showdown 6 for the atomiswave.

Where the hell have you been dude? that game is out, hell its been on ps2 for ages, never mind arcade.

I think snk have seen theirs no real money in arcades no more, not for games anyway, like capcom their moving on only capcom did this years ago, I hope snk know what their doing.

Besides its about time they got with the times.

Yeah the AW is a watered down Naomi board…and the Naomi board is the next thing they are moving to…them moving to the Naomi is OLD NEWS.


wtf… SNKP was the only company that i still had faith in to produce GOOD arcade games… capcom is done like a hotcake… so wtf… konami, DDR GUYS! YAY!.. wtf, i do’nt want to go to an arcade and have it smell like a fucking gym 20 years from now because there’s 80 different DDR machines, MvC2 and ST with retired old folk playing them, and pac man…

isn’t Sammy/Sega still keeping the arcade scene (at least in Japan) alive?

although SNK has been putting out some good stuff in the last 3+ years…

that’s what i mean though…

sure, sega just put out HNK, right? sammy’s got GGXX, but it’s not an abundant game as of yet (meaning, not every arcade has GGXX… look at chinatown fucking fair…)

namco still has tekken 5, but where’s soul calibur 3 at?

SNK’s been putting shit out since before Capcom… KoF XI is still fairly new, and from teh time of their begining, they’ve put out quality… sure they’ve had their shitters, but every company has… tekken 4, sf3:NG, etc… not TERRIBLE games, but definitely not the highlight of teh company…

Yeah, yeah, old news. Allow me to ramble quite a bit.

The thing, is… After the MVS and AES died for good, SNK went to the AW. But the AW was just a way to get rid of all the Dreamcast/Naomi chips Sega/Sammy had left (and there were a lot).

After Sega/Sammy realized the AW was failing in every way, they ditched the AW, with SNK’s Metal Slug 6 being its last game. The only AW games that sold well on the AW were SNK’s. That…

a) Didn’t allow them to get rid of the chips as they hoped to
b) Wasn’t enough to justify the board being kept around, since the Naomi itself had a larger userbase, was better and obviously had better cost/benefit

While most AW games by SNK turned a profit, Sega/Sammy figured they could just make SNK move to another Sega board, like the Aurora.

Except… SNK wasn’t very excited about that.


SNK has been consistently making good money since KOF 2002. With the exception of the SS (and to a lesser degree, NGBC), all their arcade games since 2002 turned a profit. Yes, even NeoWave. They made so much money that they not only got out of the hole created by the bankruptcy, but also threw money around to make KOF:MI, a remake of Twinkle Star Sprites, a remake of KOF 94 (which they made just for the sake of it, just to celebrate), hire companies to make CG videos, animated intros and a 4-episode anime series (funded completelly by SNK).

But even considering all that success in arcades (always with KOF and Metal Slug only, but still success), the truth is that KOF:MI also made them a fuckload of money.

And that was a console game.

Since SNKP had to wait around for the new arcade board before starting any serious work on a new (arcade) game, they kept on cranking KOF:MI 2, KOF:MI for PSP, Metal Slug 3D and the 360 MI. They’re very happy with how MI and other console and handheld games did, and want more of that easy money. KOF MI and Metal Slug Avance are SNK’s biggest hits in years. While they are/were still making money on arcades, with every release they made a lower profit. Arcades closing left and right, less people going to arcades, interest in 2D smaller and smaller and so on.

Arcade games required more work (and investment) than console games. So SNK had to take a good look at things and decide how they would go.

Well, they have a buncha console and handheld games announced, but no arcade games at all.

Make of that what you will.

Sega and Sammy are the same company now, and both HNK and GG are made by Arc System Works, and again, Sega-Sammy only publishes and distributes those games.

Dark Resurrection is putting some life back into arcades, and SC3 has been out for PS2 since like last year :confused: , unless you are referring to the arcade SC3 which is right now Japan only.

Why are arcade manufacturers still using oddball custom arcade systems at all? Wouldn’t it be a lot cheaper and easier to just adapt a small form factor PC to work with Jamma connectors ? Something like an Xbox with higher quality parts would handle just about any contemporary arcade games better than the hardware being used, and cost a hell of a lot less. Not to mention that sticking with the generic x86 architecture would save the developers from having to learn a new proprietary hardware system every couple of years.

i didn’t know about sammy sega, thanks

about DR, yeah, i know that

and i know about SC3, and yes, i was referring to the arcade versino of SC3…

I just want SNK to make a good console game…

MI1 was crap, MI2 is looking like Falcoon took every one of his fanboy fantasies and made it into a game that’s going to be laughable.

I’m still split over who I want fired more: Falcoon or Herb Sendek ^^

i hate falcoon i bet if i punched him in the arm he would cry

hahahahhahhaaha, OH my god that was awesome. He so would. .

All I have to say is this, if SNK leaves the Arcade Scene then we as 2D gamers are truly fucked - as good as Sammy is, they can NOT do it with GG/FotNS alone.