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What we need is a pizza, as we all like pizza. Two obnoxious people make a pizza made out of shit to give to us. All they keep on doing is making pizza out of shit and think this is what we need. Sometimes they don’t even properly make a pizza made out of shit let alone deliver it. We keep saying to stop making pizza out of shit because it is bad for our health and is pretty embarrassing. These two obnoxious people insist that they keep on making pizzas out of shit and justify their actions on the sole basis that they’re the only ones making pizza. Due to the infrastructure of the area and the lack of necessary ingredients because it is out of season, we try to bide our time by focusing our efforts in gathering information, information on how to properly make a great pizza when our ingredients are available. But, these two obnoxious people were of great pride and ego (one could even say it was hubris) but lacked basic cognitive skills such as their ancestors, much like African Kings, and were adamant that these improper pizzas made out of shit was doing well for the people regardless of the actual outcome or outside perception. The only justification is that the fact there are pizzas, regardless of the shit or content, and it’s much better than us trying to sharpen our skills, craftsmanship, and information albeit seemingly like doing nothing as it is pretty passive. One of the two obnoxious people realized that his efforts in making pizza made out of shit wasn’t time well spent and decided to move to Hueco Mundo so he could make pizzas out of shit and out of the local shrimp. Although not through realizing any faults, the outcome was for the better for the people as well for the obnoxious person. All that remained was one obnoxious person that was tsundéré for the people. He kept on trying to remind us that he and the other obnoxious person were still better people for they have made many pizzas for the people. Sadly for the people, the remaining obnoxious person was like the first form of Janemba from Fusion Reborn, except browner, more impish, and more emotionally volatile. While waiting for the time in which we could make the next great pizza, we were developing our pizza dough tossing skills 2002. For whatever reason, the remaining obnoxious person asked to spar with another in which who could make the best pizza doughs consecutively in a period of time. A self made chef from Canada that secludes himself to hermitage within his cave for meditation and self-improvement decided to accept the challenge. While the obnoxious person knew he’d eventually come to his own defeat, accepted in return. Pizza dough after pizza dough, the obnoxious person tried his hardest to make dough but clumsily went upon it without much thought. The marvel was such as an angry, crazy buffalo was stampeding about and the delicate dough was mindlessly maimed by his own hands. The Canadian chef masterfully crafted and spun his dough one after another. He didn’t need to change up his technique or plan, his dough was just naturally better without effort or for the need of stylization or special seasoning. As usual whenever the obnoxious person is defeated, he pouts and puts on a pompous attitude and claims that making pizza dough is not worth of his time as pizza dough sucks (he’d rather make a crust out of shit, especially from his special Maggots, Intestines, Rats, and Algae blend.) The people grew weary of this person and told the obnoxious person of his shortcomings as a human being and the obnoxious person grew furious. He ran through the town committing ad hominems and tried to belittle the people for they have not made any pizzas, but it was not of the people’s choice as there weren’t much readily available ingredients to make a proper one. Although the obnoxious person kept on making claims that these people could never be as good as himself or the other obnoxious person for the people have not made any or much pizzas, the people were actually capable of making stupendous pizzas much unlike the obnoxious people. It simply wasn’t the time or place yet. Much to the people’s chagrin, the billowing child in the body of a rotund, black beast is still parading around town square blaming everyone else but himself. I pray to the dear Lords and ask, “If such a person detests us, why must not this person go away?” That is simply a story for another time, one that couldn’t be simply told by mere words.

KoF XIII General Discussion: Part II

Regardless of the drama with devildigimon, we actually do play games, and we’re willing to help as long as you can also help yourself get better, if you can not motivate yourself to get better, nothing will happen, and Emil will probably get pissed off because you’re not changing anything. We also have normal conversations too, so if you’re bored and want to discuss KoF and other things please join!

This thread is also a reminder why I don’t post on SRK anymore.


fixed… :rolleyes:


Why are you so mad? Is it because Emil told you off after you couldn’t run the same shitty gimmick on him more than once? Or is KoF not the flavor of the month for you? You know for a bit I thought you were tolerable, and then I was wrong. I was 100% right about you. You’re a whiny crybaby who when he can’t get what he wants you go into this infantile shit fit. We gave you tools to get better, but you’re refuse to do shit about getting better. You know for someone who’s working with Dark Geese, who tried to get the scene kick-started, you sure have the most negative and dumbest attitude ever. I really wonder what Dark Geese sees in you. Regardless, this is about the irc channel, which you’re not welcomed at all anymore. If anyone unbans you and I see you in the channel, I’m banning you again. I’m tired of shitty negativity in a channel that’s already suffering enough with trying to scrape up a scene, or something that semi-resembles one.


Thanks for getting that off your chest.

I’ll continue to NOT give a shit.

Man I can’t tell you, how sorry I feel that you’re gonna reban me in a channel I could give two 1/2 fucks about.

I’ve already explained one million times why I am irratated. Some people honor and respect it. Some people don’t. Their choice. This has ZERO to do with me losing in videogames FYI. So you can take that assumption elsewhere. Continue to remain clueless and assume shit. I don’t give a fuck what you think of me Mizuki…and that goes for anyone else. So let me remind you of that. And if you don’t care…well know the feeling is mutual.

Then there’s a whole bunch of folks in that chan you better ban as well (especially if you think I’m “KING NEGATIVITY”…you’re softer than Charmin lol). And that includes OPs. But whatever…you morons run-a-muck together, so it is what it is.


The. Why. Do. You. Constantly. Post. About. It. If you really didn’t give a shit you’d stop posting any thread like this and bringing it up ever like Dark Geese & no longer posting on here.


why. do. you. feel. you. have. to. tell. me. that. when. you. can. just. simply. ignore. what. i. am. saying. to. someone. else. that. doesn’t. even. concern. you.


last word etc.

people just gotta have it.


had fun tonight in #snkplaymore… good games erbody :slight_smile:


I hope those matches got recorded Irysa, I can’t wait to see em.


already deleted brah sorry :frowning:

seeing you get owned is only funny live


Stop changing that avatar


Damn! You’re slippin man.

I wanted the world to see me play on crappy KOF online (excuse?), playing at 4AM…drowsy as shit (this is an excuse too?), and not giving a fuck in general (yep, i just thought i should mention another excuse).

But Oscar did show me some awesome combos, solid pressure/mixups, and insane command throw setups. Probably the best player I ever played on GGPO in my entire life. GGs Oscar. :china:


mibbit is awesome

i wonder what they are saying about me


When someone IM’s me some retarded things you say, all I do is laugh.

And wonder why you can’t say things like this when I’m around u. :confused:


We now have a script that posts pictures of hot girls.


They are saying to stop changing your avatar.

So yeah, now you know…


I tried IRC chats long ago and they sucked… I’d rather just use msn or skype with friends… bleh


KOF High Energy Attack Tournament (HEAT) Series NEXT BATTLE: 4/24

KOF 2002 tournament will be run on GGPO. Check out the link for more info.


this thread is funny

i’m in this channel right now!!!