SNK's current best: Garou MOTW or KOF XI?

To the mods: Please forgive me for makin a “the best” thread. I do know most people do not like such threads, but since some new things have come up recently, it has intrigued me and yet plagued me enough to cause me to make this thread.

Anyway, on topic:

For quite a while now, many people have hailed Garou: Mark Of The Wolves as possibly SNK’s best fighter, and although it is a rare game to encounter in the arcades, many try as hard as possible to find a way to play it anyway. Some other games came and went, and even NGBC didn’t compare to GMOTW (accordin to most). But now King of Fighters XI is out, and apparently many people have been givin the game much praise, and therefore this is where my question comes in:

Which is SNK’s best 2d fighter to date - GMOTW or KOF XI?

I know a lot of things tend to be based on opinion, but I want this to be as close to fact as we can possibly get.

Thanks for your time and replies, and once again sorry for makin a “the best” thread! I hope I do not get modded. :sweat:

King of Fighters 98.

Eh they are about equal imo. KOFXI is less broken, but Garou gets more crazy. XI is also easier to pick up.

You want facts ok simple answer XI, more people play it than MOTW ever will, on gameplay their pretty much even.

and yes King of Fighters 98 is SNK’s finest hour its probably the closest thing SNK have to super SF2 turbo, in the fact people still play that game till this very day, if 2k2 never came out alot more people would still be playing it.

When a game still gets played after 8 years you know its good, XI is a great game but it sure wont last 8 years, their arent many games like that in any company.

The truth shall set you free.

98 is still a great game Right now the main reason I would play it is for character references such as Mature, Vice, old Ryo, Heidern but most of all Leona :smiley:

Garou is also great and so is XI so I cant say lol

Garou is still the best, anyone who says otherwise has spent to much time at the Smoking Crack Hotel.

I would say garou only because it plays somewhat like 3s.

Kof Xi.

only better ? :smiley:

It’s all personal preference for most people so you’ll get lots of different answers, I enjoy playing all the games listed as well. But if I was to pick one I would say Garou since I’ve spent more time on the game. KoF11 is a very fun game indeed and plays a bit faster than the other KoFs which is nice. KoF98 is a fun game as well, I don’t mind sitting down and playing any of the games listed. But for most of the SF peps they might prefer Garou since it is a lot closer to 3S than the others on the list like already mentioned. Good luck with this thread.

I prefer KOFXI, i didnt really like the characters in MOTW


Granted, I don’t know much about Garou - aside from Kevin Ryan being a beast. So take that one with a grain of salt…but XI, I swear this game is almost complete trash. It is fun mostly, but I really think people hopped on it because it looks nice, and is by far the easiest of current fighters, especially for the output. Coliseum has old school feel and more than one actual way to fight - aside from hop x n. It’s a better game overall in my opinion.

I think NGBC

Garou: MOTW has a classic status. KOF XI is still to new in my opinion to see if it holds up as well. Although I do love the game (XI) I kind of miss classic one on one fighting after playing KOF for a while.

KOF 98, 2k2 XI and GMTW are all more than hop xN.

Garou!!! Its godlike!

KoF XI… it has Iori >>

I choose garou beacuse for a game that was released back in 1999 it is still lots of fun

KOFXi i dont have a ps2 and have only played a little so i dont know

as for kof98 i love this game along with kof2002

KOF 98 and NGBC but if I had to choose, I’d definately choose MOTW.
XI is boring. The same old kof since the hyper hop was introduced. And now it’s even harder to punish so it’s just abusable. BORING!!!