SNK's "Tokyo Game Show" List revealed

In case no one has seen it yet, here it is…

Another Samurai Spirits as well as Garou Densetsu for the 360…:lovin:

Umm thats just Fatal Fury special (released in 93) ported to xbox live Arcade IIRC.
ITs been on the xbox homepage for a while.
Most likely not a new game alas…:sad:

Is that samurai spirits the 3d one? or a new 2d one?

Aww, so no shot at seeing KoFXII screens yet.

Neither. It’s a collection. SS 1-5 and Tenka.

it really sucks they didn’t make it 1-0SP instead, what am I supposed to do: sell my tenka since I’ll buy the collection for Shin?

I think they’ve said SSVSP will never be ported. Which is a shame, because it’s by far the best Samurai game in the series, and ranks up there with ST as one of the best 2d fighters ever.

What I want to find out is 98 UM’s release date.

Sorry to tell you that but though VSP is certainly good, most old-school lovers will tell you SS2 is definitely better, and a not-so-little number of new-schools will tell you tenka tops everything, even with its faults. And honestly they might be right since the three are at least very good (and btw in my opinion SS2>tenka>VSP>all the rest)

…so at least suppress the “by far”, better even, say that it’s your opinion, not an absolute truth.

So the Samurai Spirits collection will include Tenka as well?

Is there a site with information on this game?

Tenka has some flaws that make it inferior to Special. It’s not a bad game, but Special has fewer flaws. As for SS2/SSVSP, that’s more of a subjective opinion- both games have their pluses and minuses- and both are very solid. I think SSVSP has a little more balance though.

The biggest problem SP has is a lack of exposure, due to its very limited release, the only real play for it is online, and mostly in Europe and China.

Im Sorry To Break It To You Guys But Samurai Showdowns Four Is The Best

what are these flaws you speak of in Tenka?

why won’t they port special?

Special is definately some hot shit. 2 is nice but it doesn’t feel as solid as sp does. I actually havent played tenka myself, never got my hands on a copy.

Unless things have changed, Tenka will be in there. Here’s a scan from last year about Rokuban Shoubu and World Heroes Gorgeous that confirmed it:

World heroes GORGEOUS???

Flaws such as horrible character voices compared to rest of series, balance being worse then Tenka, Gaira/Mizuki infinites (though Enja glitch in Special is almost as bad- and both are tourney-banned), system of getting up is better in Special.

World Heroes Gorgeous is just all the World Heroes games collection.


Leave it to Zeon to give out the bad news. No KoF XII == fail. Ziek my ass.

Yo, GORGEOUS is a fucking killer subtitle.

And about kof12, yeah they definitely seem to be taking their time, but I think it’s for the good of the game. They are probably really rethinking the game engine again as well as redrawing the sprites.

Don’t worry, you’ll have a million SNK games come out at once once these sprites get done! KOF12 sprites -short hop +tag supers/life regain/dashrun/a few more chars = NGBC2!