, the chatroom for SNK and fighting fans online!

Chatrooms are dead, they say!
well, forget that shiznaz - the home of SNK and CAPCOM enthusiasts everywhere and anywhere is…

Everyone’s welcome to set up online matches, share tips, strategies, memories, gibberish about upcoming games, whatever.
ad, spam, hacker and troll - free.
Official language is English.
THE USER COMES FIRST. No abusive moderators.
No need to idle in the room to catch up on messages. You can already catch up on older messages upon joining the room.
You’ll see images and youtube snapshots right in the messages, when people paste a link.
A youtube video plays right within the chat when clicked.
You can start chatting immediately, and worry about making a free account with profiler picture and stuff, later.
The site is flash-based, doesn’t use any adware, and isn’t a security risk.
No stupid set up or connection fussiness.
Makes IRC look like a dinosaur butt.

Hardcore fans everywhere have been awaiting this moment. This is the year we make contact!

please sticky this, the chat’s not dying anytime soon

IRC >>>>>>>>>>> this, and you’ll begin to understand the reasons as your chat room becomes bigger. Until then, good luck.

move or delete…PLEASE!!!

Fuck your chat. Close/Delete this thread and ban the user IMHO, as he is clearly a troll/bot advertising porn websites.